UNCENSORED: Clarifying might help

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By Manuel L. Morato

Many are complaining about their electric bills from Meralco.  In a way, because of the “Lockdown” when most of us were compelled to be on quarantine, might have “spiked” our electric bills.  But I cannot ignore those texting to ventilate their grievances.  Pareho pa rin daw ang kanilang electric billings despite their effort to slow down on consumption as most of them are out of job. Hindi raw nagbabago. ‘Yon ang sabi nila.

There is, however, a suggestion I wish to put across to justify and settle the doubts and complaints of homeowners.  It is for Meralco Electric Company to make their monthly billing free from doubt by being transparent.  I, myself, do not see it right that electric meter readers who come to read the consumption for the month are done by one reader.  The readers assigned are contractual.

To be fair, Meralco must compel the readers of the electric meter every month to leave a copy of the “Contador” or electric meter consumption report to the homeowner.  As its been done for years, decades, etc… the Meralco billing depends on the reading of one man, who is not a Meralco employee (as I gathered) but an employee of a contractual company whose employees are assigned to read the electric meters.  It is not far-fetched that the company under contract with Meralco may be inclined to report a higher reading to make their report more “attractive” to Meralco.  Baka nga naman pag mababa, mawala ang kontrata nila.  Ito naman ay baka sakali lang. But in order to quell the doubts and apprehension of the public, leave a copy of the reader’s report.

Another problem the homeowners are encountering is the water billing.  I myself cannot understand why the water meter is outside the wall; over the fence, as they say, outside the premises of the homeowners.  That is the requirement of Maynilad and Manila Water Company.  The reader just looks at the water meter and nobody sees them at all.  In my case, the electric meters are inside the premises and the reader comes in to read some 12 electric meters on my part; and the water meter outside my wall.

This is my suggestion to end the complaints and doubts to linger on.  Issue a copy of the reading for the month.  Meralco must be transparent, and the Manila Water company and Maynilad as well.

However, I was told that Meralco now resorts to digital reading.  The electric meter is scanned.  That might indeed be a better solution.  But I assume it is wiser that the homeowners be provided with a copy for the housewives to be guided by to control their electric consumption.  Until such time, their grievances will not end.  Nabibigla kasi.  Kung may guide sila, malalaman nila kung papaano kontrolin ang konsumo.

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