UNCENSORED: Bring back the Holy Bible and the Koran

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By Manuel L. Morato

I, together with my three sisters, have cases in Court regarding the estate of our late mother.  We are defending our rights and that of our late mother.  Ninakaw ng isang grupo ang mga properties ng aming Ina.  It is sad to see how the guilty ones can lie with a straight face.  Magnanakaw na nga, sinungaling pa.  How can our Courts allow these things to happen?  Bring back the swearing on the Holy Bible for witnesses who are called upon to testify in Court.  Sa Holy Bible sila dapat pasumpain para makonsensiya naman na huwag magsinungaling at sumumpa sa Diyos ng hindi totoo.  They can go to hell if they swear on the Holy Bible not to lie; and to say nothing but the truth for that in effect is swearing on Our Lord Almighty God.  Whoever tells a lie after swearing on the Holy Bible can go to hell for it.  Going to Confession to a priest cannot free them from the sin committed for those liars who lied before God Almighty to tell the truth – only God can forgive them, not even priests nor Cardinals can forgive such sins for it calls for restitution.  Persons are robbed of their assets.  It’s stealing and the only way to be forgiven by God is for the person who stole ibalik lahat sa kanyang ninakawan.

I’ve fought cases in the MTRCB and PCSO based on truth.  I am proud to have lawyers that also do not lie.  For one, I will not sign a pleading in Court based on lie.  We are truly grateful that our lawyers feel the same way, unlike other lawyers ng aming kalaban who even help their client to tell lies when they testify just to “win” a case?  There is an old saying, mahirap daw tanggapin sa langit ang mga bad lawyers who lied to harm others kaya marami daw mga lawyers cannot enter heaven.

Yan ang kasabihan.

We, together with my three sisters do not want to fight those who did so much wrong against us and our late mother based on lies.  Only evil people will lie when they testify in Court just to win a case.  Sa aking pananaw, the swearing on the Holy Bible by a witness asked to sit in the witness stand must be made to swear on the Holy Bible or the Koran.  Who removed it?  I honestly do not know.  But I am sorry to tell the public that the removal of the swearing on the Holy Bible in Court induced witnesses to lie.  It’s free for all!  That should not be the case.  Only the swearing in the Holy Bible could minimize or help stop witnesses from telling lies.  As things are now, it’s survival of the fittest.

Sa ngayon, itinataas lang ang kamay na “I promise to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.”  What? Is that supposed to be enough?  What if God does not help the liar witness because God knows everything from the day we are born up to the death of a lying person?  God knows every persons’ integrity or the lack of it.  God will not help anyone who lies.  On the contrary, liars who swear on the Holy Bible and continue to lie is a passport to hell.

I would like to make a sincere and whole-hearted request from President Duterte to help this country and its justice system to reinstate the swearing on the Holy Bible before he or she testifies.  We had it before; and even America has it.  Let’s bring it back.  After all, our country is the only Christian country in Asia.

Please, Mr. President, bring back the swearing on the Holy Bible back to our Courts of Law; and the swearing on the Koran for our Muslim brothers who testify in the witness stand to tell the truth.  Maybe our Muslim brothers still do this up to now.

Our Justice system is shot to the core.  To lie on the part of the witnesses and even some Judges, some Fiscals, and others who are rotten to the core who render decisions or judgment based on lies, not on truth.  I’ve been approached before but never did I resort to such improprieties for the giver is just as guilty as the receiver.  I will never resort to that.

Please President Duterte leave us this legacy before you leave your post.  Let’s honor God’s commandments once again.

Some of the members of our Judiciary have lost all its sense of decency.  Not all, but a few and growing.  Hindi ko po nilalahat.  Meron pa po naman mga honest Judges, Justices and Fiscals. 

Honestly, I don’t mind if one has ten wives.  That’s up to the person who commits such transgressions when the hour of judgment falls on them.  That’s between God and the sinner who inflicts wrongdoings on himself/herself.

But violating a promise to God after swearing on the Holy Bible or the Koran to tell the truth so that wrong won’t triumph over right for that’s a grave offense that only God Almighty can make judgment on.

There seems to be no boundary anymore between good and evil.

The truth must reign again.  It was so before.  It must reign again in our society or the animal nature in people will rule.

P.S.  Our lawyer is in his residence; my sisters and I are with me in my office when needed, and we do abide sa distancing.  Yong kabilang partido and his lawyer ay parehong naka mask and kept on lying; at hindi namin maintindihan ang sinasabi in a Zoom hearing dahil sa mask.

Please, Your Honors: Tell your witness in a hearing via Zoom to remove the face mask.  Wear the face shield instead kasi kita pa rin ang “read my lips.”  It makes the face masks unnecessary.  It is equally protective but transparent. Ginagamit ng witness ang face mask to lie – kasi natatakpan nila ang mukha nila sa pagsisinungaling.  

In our recent hearings, the Honorable Judge/s were not wearing the face mask; the others as well kasi we are all in different places.  Papaano ba tayo maghahawaan?  We are so far away from each other in a Zoom hearing.

For those who lie, they find their face masks convenient to cover their lying lips and lying facial expression.

The Judges must order all witnesses on Zoom to remove their face masks at hindi na po namin maiintindihan ang sinasabi nila.  The face masks help the liars to even lie more without detection, they think!

Wear the face shield for those who fear contamination in a Zoom hearing, not the face mask on Zoom hearings so we can observe “read my lips” as the saying goes.  Lying is more detectable without face mask.

Wear face shields for the distances in a Court hearing via Zoom are so far from each other; but it insures transparency.

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