UNCENSORED: Before subjecting to the vaccine

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By Manuel L. Morato

We are well aware of how the entire world is after the vaccination of its people because of the so-called Coronavirus/Covid 19 pandemic.  But before anyone plunges into it, there are some things to consider before a person is vaccinated.

Let us not have a repeat of what happened with the Dengvaxia vaccine forcibly applied on 2 million 4th graders.  Why the 4th graders were specifically sampled, we have not heard why these children were used and many died.  There are those that said that several countries were used as “testing” grounds.  The Philippines was chosen wherein to conduct the testing of the Dengvaxia vaccine.  My question is: Why did we allow to be a testing ground?

I do recall that some countries in South America were also used as testing grounds, but the difference from what happened in our country is the Department of Health and the Department of Education colluded to test the vaccine on the 4th graders nationwide.  News even leaked out that the children had to be vaccinated or they cannot get their report cards.  The element of intimidation was present that even the parents of the children who were opposed to have their children vaccinated were not listened to.

Actually, it turned out that the mothers’ intuition proved right.  But the government agencies then imposed and dictated that all 4th graders MUST be vaccinated.

Let us not have a repeat of what happened in the past for indeed many children had adverse reactions on the Dengvaxia vaccine who got sick and died.

To this day, I really cannot fathom why almost two million children were subjected to it while other countries allowed much, much less to be vaccinated.  Brazil was one of those countries who limited the sampling.

That’s what happened in the past.  Let us not have a repeat of that sad and lamentable experience.

What I am leading to is the unproven belief that the vaccines are allegedly supposed to be some form of a prophylactic – “a medication or a treatment designed and used to prevent a disease from occurring.”  How come the pharmaceutical companies are free from suits and liabilities if their products prove deadly? 

It’s a damn good news to hear.  But how sure are we that it will indeed prevent the disease we are trying to combat?

In my previous column, I suggested that the prisoners in jail are the ones best to be tested on.  As offenders of the law, one way or another, I actually do not see anything wrong if they are vaccinated.  They are also human beings that should also received the vaccines for free.  For their act of service to the people worldwide, that’s where the pharmaceutical companies should try their products, not on the innocent people; much less the minors.

For their contribution to society, the prisoners can be rewarded with condonation of their penalty, not full condonation but partial condonation of 3 months less, one year or two less…  Compensate them with some reward parang “Consuelo de bobo,” ika nga.  Something for the country to compensate them with.  That’s fair enough.  It also favors the prisoners as they do something noble to society in general.  God will surely reward them; and our people will be forever thankful to them – for the first time!!!

What made me write this column is for some important points to be considered first before the vaccine is given to anyone:

No. 1 – Persons taking blood thinner due to heart surgery or for other reasons must not be vaccinated with the Covid 19 vaccine of any brand, according to reports by experts in the field.  Puwedeng ikamatay.             

No. 2 – Persons suffering from asthma or other illnesses must be considered first before vaccination.

No. 3 – Persons who are malnourished must also be considered for their immune system is very weak; and many of our people cannot even afford to have a decent meal, nor no meal at all.  This causes their defense system to drop very, very low that the vaccine’s containing the virus that it wishes to apply on people to be vaccinated may even kill them for they are not strong enough to combat the virus and develop instead inside the body.

No. 4 – How about people with cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, etc… that many may have but remain undetected and unchecked? 

These are some points I wish to put across to the Department of Health and the IATF members to please explain to the public before administering any Covid vaccine on an individual/individuals what harm could it do to them.

Much as we would like to follow other 1st world countries to have millions vaccinated, this campaign might even kill more people instead of helping them survive the pandemic.  There are vaccinations such as the flu vaccines or anti pneumonia vaccine that cannot be given to a person with a cold or “sipon”.  Specialists on Internal Medicine and pulmonologists would certainly advise patients to come back when they do not have the cold anymore.

The years I spent in the PCSO attending to the sick and the needy taught me a lot; and I learned a lot.  Modesty aside, I am concerned for the welfare of those who will be vaccinated without undergoing an examination re an illness a person to be vaccinated may have.

We are not talking about a “wonder drug” to “cure” victims of the pandemic, but an anti-body contained in the vaccine that may kill them instead of cure them.  It has happened in other countries; and maybe here as well.

I, for one, cannot be vaccinated because of a heart surgery I had that compels me to take blood thinner for the rest of my life.  But remember, even aspirin is a blood thinner in a way which is often taken for headaches and what not.

I am calling on the IATF and the DOH to tell the public who must not be vaccinated.  We are only hearing one side of it – that all must be vaccinated.  That’s a very sweeping statement that can put many lives in danger.  Many might die not from the Covid 19 but die from the vaccine.  Complication may arise.  It’s really a case to case basis.

Many of those who’ve been injected with the vaccine (a particular brand) have died in many other places abroad; and may even be happening in our country NOW.  News have floated that for those who have been vaccinated and did not have adverse reactions; or died from it have still something to worry about.  It has been said that for those who survive the vaccine “eventually live for only another 4 or 5 years.”  That’s very serious to remain unexplained.  Why?  Could something contained in the vaccine “eat” or affect some of the internal organs such as the heart, kidney, liver or whatever?

Honestly, I was hoping that instead of spending a fortune on Swab or testing, we could have spent all that money on fortifying our people to combat the Coronavirus/Covid 19, we could have given instead Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and mixtures of natural cures I have mentioned in this column before.

The swab testing maybe good for the day they are tested.  What happens the next day?  What does the swab testing prove the day before?  It does not guarantee that the person tested the day before will not contract the Covid virus the next day.

I can understand its use for people travelling in and out of the country, in airports and sea ports. 

When this Coronavirus/Covid 19 was discovered by a 34-year-old Doctor Li Wenliang in the laboratory in Wuhan, I saw his brief TV footage that suddenly came out as I was surfing the TV stations one late night as I am a late sleeper.  He spoke English and announced the discovery of the Coronavirus/Covid 19.  But he made no mention of the name of the virus.  What he clearly mentioned was the cure for it.  Where are his records now?

It was a very brief stolen appearance that lasted less than a minute, and he was off the air.  But Dr. Li Wenliang who discovered the virus was also able to mention two organic cures in that brief appearance.

In other words, he discovered the deadly virus, but he also was able to name the cure – very briefly.  Where are his records now?  For sure he left his documents in his clinic or in his home where he made that sudden, stolen appearance to tell the world.  It was about 4 A.M., Manila time.  Next, we heard he was dead, killed or God knows what happened to him.  Could the cure be in the hands of those who wanted to kill more people?  So far, those big people are not getting sick at all.

Dr. Li Wenliang was brief, in black and white, taken by himself in his Ipad or computer and released briefly on the air.

How he did it, I do not know for I am not computer literate.  How he was able to sneak that short, brief message, I do not know.  He spoke in English, not fluent, but good enough to be clearly understood.         

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