UNCENSORED: Barangay Laging Handa

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By Manuel L. Morato

A stone-throw from our Barangay Sacred Heart is worthy of emulation.  It is a well-organized, well-run Barangay, as it should be.  The members of the Homeowners Association are very responsible people with an objective in mind to serve its community.

I’ve mentioned in one of my columns that even the City Hall of Quezon City including the City Council cannot fool around in Barangay Laging Handa.  It’s members in the community, composed of homeowners, rule in the community as it should be.

There were 3 highrise projects of 21 storey buildings approved in both Barangay Sacred Heart and Barangay Laging Handa.  One 21 storey building in the residential area of Laging Handa and two 21 storey in our Barangay Sacred Heart which belonged to my parents’ ancestral home.

We sued those who stole my family’s ancestral home and lots.  Through falsified documents, they were able to have it re-titled.  

The original, the 3 lots were in the name of my late mother including the six bedroom ancestral home which the group demolished without the 5 of the 6 children’s knowledge.  One partnered with the developer and financier.  Our youngest brother in his 70s was involved in the take over of my parents’ properties.

A law exists, Republic Act 10066 that prohibits the destruction or demolishing of structures 50 years old and above.  The Ayala practices the mandate of the law; and to give an example, the Hotel Intercon was demolished on its 46th year.  I met a few of those who lost their jobs and were working elsewhere.

In other words, the Ayala Corporation follows the law.  To give an example, the latest structure was the famous Intercontinental Hotel (or better known as “Hotel Intercon,” a landmark in Makati.  But a higher and newer building now stands in the site named “Aston Hotel.”

Let me say, the two highrise buildings in our residential neighborhood causing us great disturbance and sacrifice in this residential neighborhood since we moved in here in 1939, the foundation year of Quezon City, it was a very peaceful neighborhood until we were invaded by these two highrise buildings in violation of the zonal in our area in 2017/2018. 

It was superseded by a mere “Special Permit” from the Quezon City Council headed by then Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte Alimurung.  We did not know that she had the absolute power to do so, disregarding everything else.  We were told that then Mayor Herbert Bautista could veto what was passed by the Quezon City Council and approved by the Vice Mayor.  But as was informed by friends in the Quezon City Hall, Herbert Bautista as Mayor was put under the powers of the Vice Mayor.  The Belmontes ruled during Mayor Herbert Bautista’s term.

Herbert apologized to me that he could not exercise his veto powers to avoid a clash with the Belmontes who ruled Quezon City.  Aside from the grand deception and robbery done to my family, the projects go on, causing noise and inconvenience in the neighborhood in total disregard of the rights of the residential neighborhood.  Nakalusot itong nakawan during the term of Barangay Captain Alberto Flores who gave all the permits without informing the neighborhood, nor my family.  The permits to demolish, to this and that were all done under the mantle of secrecy.  That alone, all the permits were granted by the Barangay Captain Flores, single-handedly.  It should have been nullified by the Courts we’ve been through. 

Everything he did in secrecy on the construction of these two highrise 21 storey buildings belonging to one family without the approval of the Homeowners Association.  The Barangay Sacred Heart wherein we belong was abused by the then Barangay Captain Flores to the hilt.  In our Barangay, we have no Homeowners Association to speak of.

It’s good for Barangay Laging Handa that there exist a Homeowners Association; and a good and conscientious one too.

Our Barangay Sacred Heart did not have one during the term of Barangay Captain Flores.  He ruled by himself.  What we are concerned about is up to now we still have no Homeowners Association formed by the residents.  It’s “free for all,” no wonder our area was zeroed in.  To this day, we are at the mercy of the powers that be in the QC Hall. 

We are suffering from air pollution because of the ongoing construction of 2 highrise buildings.

In 2018, when all this problem started, I attended the QC Council meeting to complain why did they grant “Special Permits” to construct 21 storey buildings without inviting the neighborhood if we agree or not.  Not only did the QC Council did not listen to our objection, but the alleged owner of the other 21 storey building across our family ancestral home inside our compound, the other building that allegedly belong to the same family asked another “Special Permit” to add one more floor, to 22 floors.  It was immediately granted.  My group left without hearing us.

These two monstrosities in a residential community are symbols of indecency. 

We are suffering from air pollution in our area.  The cement powder are blown over my sister’s house adjacent to the ongoing illegal construction on my late mother’s property.

Sinagad ang pader ng next door three residential houses.  In particular, my sister had always been asthmatic since childhood, and she suffers constantly because of the cement powder blown to her house, as well as mine.

Walang easement na iniwan.  Sinagad sa pader.  Hindi yata tama yan.  Kasi pag residential house ang nasa next lot, hindi dapat dikitan ng fire wall.  Now the water when it rains floods her kitchen.  Nakakalungkot.

My building is only 4 storeys.  I used to see the Cubao, Greenhills and Makati areas from my terrace.  The 22 storey building now blocks all the views I had of the Metro Manila before for 56 years, since this building was designed and built by Manosa Brothers and Bobby Manosa in particular helped me put it up.  Bobby is now a National Artist in Architectural design.

To go back to Barangay Laging Handa, a concerned citizen texted yesterday and informed me that their Barangay Laging Handa stopped a construction that was spewing cement particles on the residential area homes and on the street.  Subalit dito sa amin nilipad ng semento ang mga bahay dito pati ang aking building causing my sister asthma attacks; and the fall I suffered in my hallway full of cement particles.  It rained and turned into slippery mud.  I slipped and hit the tiled hallway; and I am now suffering from.

Hindi po tama i-mix ang residential area with 2 storey residential homes with highrise buildings.  It isn’t right at all.

The problems we will see as these highrise buildings finish is the clogging of the drainage designed pre-war time for residential area; traffic on narrow street not meant for these highrise buildings.  Morato Avenue itself is a two-lane street; and these invaders of our area will cause us tremendous inconveniences for years to come.

One thing I can say, I want to convey to our newly-made tycoons:  Please do not aspire to turn Morato Avenue into another “Ayala Avenue.”  It just cannot be for Morato Avenue is only a two-lane avenue while Ayala Avenue has six lanes.

To those who are targeting Tomas Morato Avenue, it is not meant for highrise building.  Ikalawa, how can these buildings get the approval of LLDA or Laguna Lake Development Authority?

Will the drainage system in this residential neighborhood accommodate the parking in the area?  Not one exists.  Maybe ako lang!

Above all, just be forwarned of the message of Our Lady, the Blessed Mary, Mother of Christ, wherein she left a message in her apparition in Fatima that in 2022, that’s next year, strong earthquakes will hit the world, the planet we are in and tall buildings will all collapse due to the strong earthquakes we have never experienced – if the people do not reform.

Despite this, if you do not wish to believe, just continue doing your bad habits and all these highrise buildings will collapse like dominoes! 

Addendum: The latest news from Barangay Laging Handa where a construction is spewing cement powder in their houses and on the streets.  Allow me not to mention the names of the complainants:

From M.R.: “Grabe hassle.  Kami todo vacuum 2 consecutive days ng furniture sa sala.  Kahit closed na doors and windows, pumapasok pa din alikabok.  Pag nagkasakit mga anak ko, sila talaga mananagot.”

From BR: “Akala ko malilinis ng ulan… pero di kaya… makapal mga iniwan nilang putik…”

From T.N.: “Yes, that’s true.  Ako din I thought ok na.  Pagsilip ko, lumala, mas kumapal putik.”  

The only consolation the residents of Barangay Laging Handa who are complaining has is the stoppage of the construction, immediately, by the officials of their Barangay Laging Handa.

Kami naman sa Barangay Sacred Heart, a very Holy name than other Barangay, walang tulong natatanggap sa aming Barangay.

I suggest, a Barangay that does not have a Homeowners Association must cease to exist for it shows that the Barangay is beholden to the Mayor and Quezon City Administrator, for obvious reasons.

That is why our community is much abused because of the absence of a Homeowners Association.

Disband a Barangay without a Homeowners Association!


I am appealing to Commissioner of the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC), Commissioner Greco Belgica to intervene in the abuses and corruption my family is going through.       

For comments and suggestions email at mlmorato@yahoo.com