Instituto Cervantes showcases online the Best of Spanish contemporary dance

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Instituto Cervantes de Manila presents on its Vimeo channel, open to all from October 26 to 31, a selection from FIVER, an international festival of audiovisual dance support, exhibition and production created in Spain in 2012.

Curated by Samuel Retortillo, director of the FIVER festival, the selection wants to offer through the Vimeo link a current vision of audiovisual dance, based on five works that Fiver produced or have been finalists in their international competition. The works chosen are: the winner of the FIVER 2019 special award, “I love maids for unreal” by Sofia Castro (Argentina); the finalist, “Babelian Circles” by Ferrand Romeu, and the collaborative works Fiverlabs 2019, “Melee 2.0” coordinated by Esteban Crucci and Jordi Cortes, “Wine or Grape?” coordinated by Álex Pachón; and “Dancer” by Rubin Stein.

This program is expanded with a series of videos that were created during confinement called: “Confined Bodies”, with the aim of analyzing and give value to the creative proposals carried out during this period by authors of the stature of Elías Aguirre, Richard Mascherin, Asun Noales, Alex Pachón, Jesús Rubio, Antonio Ruz, Guido Sarli and Pablo Venero.

For further information please log on to Instituto Cervantes’ website (, or Instituto Cervantes Facebook page