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Honda unravels hybrid system as CRV e-HEV gains popularity in Phl

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Honda Cars’ latest breakthrough in full hybrid systems, e:HEV, hit Philippine shores last September 2023 when it was launched with the RS variant of the All-New CR-V. This was a major milestone for Honda Cars Philippines, Inc., pushing it towards the future of sustainable mobility. The e:HEV system not only has numerous benefits, but impressive technological features as well.


The system is a powerful combination of two (2) electric motors, the Traction Motor and the Generator Motor. The electric motors put out 184 PS and 335 NM of torque, which are then mated to a new four-cylinder, 2.0 liter Direct Injection Atkinson Cycle engine, which provides 148 PS and 183 NM of torque. While the motor operates throughout the low to high speed range, e:HEV relies on the environmental performance and driving pleasure that could not be achieved with an engine-only system.
The intelligence of the e:HEV full hybrid shines through the three (3) driving modes, shifting to adapt to different driving situations.

EV Drive Mode

Vehicle solely runs on battery power
Hybrid Drive Mode
Engine primarily acts as a generator to supply power to the battery and/or traction motor
Engine Drive Mode
Vehicle runs on engine power
It is because of these modes that the full hybrid e:HEV technology is able to provide more power and true fuel economy gains. These smooth and seamless power transitions create a quieter, more defined, and comfortable experience for both the driver and their passengers.
Through the e:HEV technology, owners can also enjoy a self-charging system. With its regenerative braking system and traction motor, the system can harvest energy from braking and deceleration, recovering friction losses that would otherwise be unused. This helps extend the car’s electric power range and further optimize fuel economy. The battery can also be recharged with the help of the engine, serving as a generator to keep the electric drive system primed for action at any given moment. With all these remarkable benefits of the e:HEV technology, it is without a doubt a powerful stride in the technological advancements of Honda.


As mentioned earlier, the e:HEV technology was introduced to local shores through the All-New CR-V 2.0 RS e:HEV E-CVT launched last year. Launched along with this was Honda SENSING, Honda’s safety driver-assist system that makes driving fun again. Features of the CR-V’s Honda SENSING system are:
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
Low Speed Follow (LSF)
Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)
Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) with Road Mitigation Warning (RDM)
Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
Auto High Beam (AHB)
Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB)
Lead Car Departure Warning (LCDN)
Meanwhile, Honda CONNECT, which made its debut through this variant, makes driving more convenient than ever. It is Honda’s very own mobile app that gives the owner remote access to the car’s features for enhanced safety, security, and convenience. Through Honda CONNECT, owners enjoy Speed Alert, Find My Car, Emergency Calls, and more.

In addition to technological advancements, Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) is even prouder to add the e:HEV to its list of initiatives towards Honda’s global goal of carbon neutrality through zero environmental impact by 2050. It is valuable to Honda to continue to be a company that society wants to exist by continuing to provide mobility solutions that are practical and meaningful to the communities it serves. Through the e:HEV technology, the company strengthens its commitment to this, and marks just the start of more improvements like this to come.

The e:HEV is currently available on the All-New CR-V 2.0 RS e:HEV E-CVT variant, which also comes with Honda SENSING & Honda CONNECT, and an eight (8) year or 200,000 kilometer battery warranty (whichever comes first). Additionally, the CR-V V Turbo CVT is up for a limited offer this July at a PHP 120,000 discount. Read more about the July promos at and find the nearest Honda Cars Dealership at Keep up with the latest Honda technologies

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