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Biz communicators’ group throws support for Meralco franchise renewal

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The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Philippines, a prominent group of business communication professionals, has endorsed the franchise renewal bid of Manila Electric Company (Meralco). IABC Philippines cited the company’s invaluable contributions to the industry and its laudable efforts in communicating with consumers, which is integral for a public utility.

IABC Philippines President Belle Tiongco praised the company’s communication initiatives, stating that it “fosters transparency, builds consumer trust, and promotes informed decision-making”, and are aligned with the group’s mission of advancing the profession of business communication in the country.

Meralco’s communication programs such as Meralco Advisory- the company’s monthly information campaign on rate adjustments- are key enablers for helping consumers understand bills and manage their consumption. The company was also cited for its capability to address crisis situations such as natural disasters and unexpected outages promptly and effectively, through responsive communications.

IABC Philippines also highlighted Meralco’s promotion of corporate social responsibility and sustainability via its programs that other companies emulate. The group went on to say that the company’s support to communications industry also include its thought leadership initiatives in the energy and communications space not just for IABC but in the broader energy and communications space.

“Meralco not only powers homes, but also empowers its customer through information. Its commitment to effective communication, transparency, and consumer empowerment makes it a vital ally to IABC Philippines,” Tiongco said.

“It is imperative upon us to call for the renewal of its franchise in order for the company to continue with the programs and initiatives that benefit the industry, electricity consumers, and the Filipinos as a whole,” she concluded.

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