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More than 80 countries heed President Zelenskyy’s call to join Peace Summit as Russia steps up aggression against Ukraine

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By Monsi A. Serrano

With Russia’s unabated aggression that has already been dragging for three years, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted that Russia’s thirst for blood is unabated as it has always been a pleasure for them to burn. He also underscored that Russia is run by men who want to make it a norm – burning lives, destroying cities and villages, dividing people and erasing national borders through war.

Zelenskyy also pointed out that no nation can stop such war alone, unaided, hence the active participation of world leaders is much needed.

Speaking from Kharkiv, a city in the east of Ukraine, the Ukrainian president bared that the city currently being attacked by Russian militia is very close to the border of Russia. And Ukraine is still holding on the line as the Russian aggression is already on its third year and Ukrainians and the people living in Ukraine are in constant terror.

With more than a million people living in the city, every night and every day the Russian army is shelling the city. mostly with S-300 missiles. These are air defense missiles that Russia employs to terrorize the land and have destroyed all districts or streets in Kharkiv.

Zelenskyy described that after the Russian strikes on hundreds of their cities and villages. Some of them, once booming with life, are now burnt to ashes, peopleless. A burnt-out emptiness is the most horrible consequence of war. A war that Ukraine didn’t want and hasn’t provoked, and in which is why Ukraine is defending itself from Russian attempts to seize our resources and territories and destroy our national identity. And the world sees it.

The Ukrainian president also condemned Russia anew because it captured the nuclear power plant and is openly using it for radiation blackmail. There is nothing that wouldn’t become a weapon for Russia including hunger, and exactly this the world felt when Ukraine was hit by a Russian naval blockade. Russia is the only source of aggression and constantly tries to expand the war.

Does Russia want a dialogue? Ukraine has the world’s largest experience of lies from Russia during negotiations… Lies that in particular were Russian cover-ups for preparing this war. And that’s exactly why global efforts are needed – the Global Peace Summit of the leaders whom Russia won’t be able to deceive. Summit that will show who in the world really wants to end the war and not just claim the ceasefire which will inevitably be broken by Russian rockets and artillery just like it was dozens, dozens of times before.

Russia’s adamant stand and continuous aggression against Ukraine led to the call of President Zelenskyy for a Peace Summit and together with Switzerland. The Peace Summit is scheduled to happen on June 15, 2024.

More than 80 countries are already confirmed to attend the Peace Summit. President Zelenskyy believes that this kind of peace formula will help bring peace.

Furthermore, Zelenskyy is appealing to the world leaders who haven’t joined the Global Peace Summit to join. He especially called on US President Joe Biden, and China’s President Xi Jinping to support and participate in this summit.

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