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Phl’s flag carrier boasts eco-friendly flights, partners with French tech company SkyBreathe® OnBoard

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Text and photos by Marinel E. Peroy 

Going beyond fuel savings, the country’s flag carrier Philippine Airlines brandishes its latest initiative in promoting sustainable flying in partnership with French company Open Airlines which was announced on May 14 at the French Embassy in Makati City.

This strategic partnership of PAL with SkyBreathe® OnBoard is its commitment to sustainable flying through innovation and operational efficiency and to preserving the environment for generations to come.

Held at the French Embassy in Makati City, this fostered partnership of Philippine Airlines and Open Airlines was hosted through a signing ceremony represented by Philippine Airlines’ President & Chief Operating Officer, Capt. Stanley Ng, French Ambassador to the Philippines, H.E. Marie Fontanel, and Open Airlines’ Vice President of Sales, Stéphane Nitenberg on May 14.

“On the path towards a more sustainable development of the foreign aviation industry, this collaboration between French and Filipino companies serves as a strong demonstration of both our countries’ commitment to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement 2015,” said Amb. Fontanel. 

From left, Open Airlines’ Vice President of Sales Stéphane Nitenberg, French Ambassador to the Philippines, H.E. Marie Fontanel and Philippine Airlines’ President & Chief Operating Officer Capt. Stanley Ng during the announcement of partnership for eco-friendly flying between Philippine Airlines and French company OpenAirlines held at French Embassy on May 14.

Fostering innovation & climate action

Meanwhile, Captain Stanley Ng pointed out that SkyBreathe® isn’t just another piece of technology, but a trusted co-pilot that analyzes vast amounts of data in real-time to shorten travel time by recommending direct routes, minimize fuel consumption and maximize efficiency. Furthermore, it also reduces carbon footprint thus making a tangible impact on the environment, as well as to the profit and loss.

By trusted co-pilot, Captain Ng clarified that it doesn’t mean that PAL’s most valuable assets the dedicated men and women will remain on the sideline.

“Let’s not forget the human element behind every flight, every decision, every success story are all made possible by the team of the Philippine Airlines. SkyBreathe® OnBoard isn’t here to replace our pilots. Through SkyBreathe®, we empower them to enhance their capabilities and ensure that they have the tools they need to excel in their craft,” PAL’s President and COO explained.

Moreover, SkyBreathe® OnBoard is also helpful for pilots to make quick decisions live in the cockpit for fuel efficiency. “For example, they can improve by 30% the application of shortcuts during a single flight. As you can see, we are talking about very concrete impacts on the environment,” said Stéphane Nitenberg. 

Aside from improving operational performance by adopting this latest innovation, customers can also expect cheaper flight costs PAL’s top official explained.

Speaking to THEPHILBIZNEWS, Captain Ng said, “With the savings, we can be more competitive, and we can offer cheaper fares for the customers. Definitely, without a doubt.”

Captain Ng also explained that every gallon of fuel saved is not only a financial win but also a victory for sustainability and a testament to PAL’s commitment to preserving the skies for future generations. 

Without a doubt, the country’s flag carrier PAL has its steadfast commitment to innovation, environmental stewardship, and operational efficiency through SkyBreathe® OnBoard. It is a user-friendly digital solution that uses advanced algorithms based on the world’s largest fuel-efficiency database and real-time data to provide live assistance on fuel-saving initiatives in the cockpit.  

 “Our dynamic leadership and partnership with Open Airlines reinforces our commitment to fostering innovation and cooperation within the aviation ecosystem,” added Ng.

Indeed, PAL strengthens its position as a forward-thinking leader in the Asia-Pacific region by fostering collaboration and forging a brighter future for aviation.

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