IPOPHL receives flying colors for Performance Governance System Evaluation


The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) has earned the highest score across all nine Performance Governance System (PGS) governance elements evaluated by the P&A Grant Thornton, the Office’s third-party auditor for its PGS journey.

“The audit shows that IPOPHL did exceptional in complying with governance documents, enhancing collaboration within the office and among stakeholders, aligning our performance evaluation system with our strategies, adhering to transparent and proper accounting of our budget, committing to good governance and leadership, championing best practices within the workplace and sustaining momentum in achieving our breakthrough results,” Barba added. 

The third-party audit gives an overview of the progress of the organization and may determine the advancement of the organization to the Public Revalida.

The successful completion of the third-party audit moves IPOPHL to the Public Revalida for Institutionalization, which forms the last stage of its PGS journey. In the Institutionalization stage, the Office will be evaluated based on how it has been aligning the entire office and the community of stakeholders and partners in working toward a shared breakthrough goal. 

IPOPHL’s Public Revalida for institutionalization is slated for conduct on May 30, 2024. 

The PGS is an adaptation of the Harvard Business School’s (Norton and Kaplan’s) Balance Scorecard, a performance management tool towards better and more efficient governance. The PGS is a voluntary initiative among offices aiming to improve their governance and services to stakeholders.

The Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) is the accrediting body of the PGS.


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