South African Tourism eyes Phl market, unveils exciting adventure offers


By Victoria “NIKE” DE Dios

It is undeniable that part of the travel bucket list that one aspires for is the South Africa adventure such as the safari experience that would let you see up close and personal the wild animals in the midst of the African wilderness that you perhaps see on the television or YouTube.

Interestingly, the Philippines is the second largest tourist market in Southeast Asia after Singapore, with a significant increase in travellers to South Africa. In 2023, 6487 people travelled to South Africa from the Philippines, compared to 4329 in 2022, representing a 15% year-on-year increase. SAT anticipates that the market will reach its pre-COVID arrival numbers in 2024.

Cognizant of the strong interest of Filipinos to enjoy a unique and once in a lifetime adventure, the South African Tourism (SAT) in collaboration with the South African Embassy, Manila Philippines announced their re-engagement and re-inspiration initiative for the Philippines market, with a focus on the main cities of Manila and Cebu. This announcement comes as South Africa celebrates 30 years of freedom, making it an ideal time to showcase the country’s tourism offerings.

SAT is grateful for the collaboration of the Philippine tourism industry, which has contributed to the growth of South African tourism in the region. The initiative aims to strengthen this partnership and promote South Africa’s diverse tourism offerings, including its rich culture, history, wildlife, and scenic beauty.

SAT invites travellers from the Philippines to explore South Africa’s vibrant cities, breathtaking landscapes, and unique experiences. The country offers a range of activities for all types of travellers, from adventure seekers to cultural enthusiasts, making it an ideal destination for a memorable vacation.


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