Taiwan brandishes ‘net zero city’ ambition

Over 100,000 delegates from around the world attended Taiwan's Smart City Expo 2024. Top government officials, innovators, world company executives and buyers were greeted by Taiwan's impressive technological innovations that would provide digital solutions to their needs.

By Marinel Peroy 

From the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturing industry with a 68% global market share and reliable producer of the most advanced semiconductor chips, Taiwan continues to take pride in its technologically advanced innovation.

But more than the dominance in the semiconductor industry in the world, Taiwan showcases its mind-boggling technology including AI with various applications such as medical, mobility, security, logistics, and disaster prevention and management, among others at the 2024 Smart City and Summit Expo (SCSE) in Taipei.

Touted as the biggest Smart City Expo in Asia with over 100,000 delegates from around the world attended by top government officials, innovators, world company executives and buyers who scout for technology that can be sourced from Taiwan that would provide digital solutions to their needs.

Apart from showcasing the technology, Taiwan also bares its ambitious yet laudable roadmap for reducing its carbon footprint through the net zero emissions goal by 2050. It also brandishes Smart City solutions that would promote redefined urban living for the future that would benefit the next generations.

Taiwan’s high-tech and innovative solutions 

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Chia-Lung Lin, Secretary-General to the President, explained the New South Bound Policy, which aligns with the country’s core in the Indo-Pacific strategy. This shows how Taiwan is also dealing with climate change makes Taiwan a reliable partner of other nations.

The New South Bound Policy was also highlighted by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) Representative, Ambassador Wallace M.G. Chow during the 112th National Day of Taiwan in the Philippines — highlighting the people-to-people exchange and mutual cooperation for both countries. 

Furthermore, the secretary-general also shared that recent Asia Silicon Valley 3.0 will also help other industries towards its net zero goal by encouraging them to adopt a smart city program through a digital transformation. Lin emphasized the need to “integrate services into solutions” while ensuring to “create win-win situations”. This is where relevant public-private collaboration needs to take place. 

Also discussed was the “green finance” especially in the amendments of relevant regulations to provide proper funding and research. Various innovative awards were bestowed to organizations and associations. 

Furthermore, the Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung, Mr. Charles Lin said that “Taiwan is also very strong in software,” making Taiwan’s leverage not only as a smart city but its competitive advantage in the ICT industry. 

What also Taiwan did was to embark on a collaborative program by encouraging private companies to work with the government and other schools and showcase their technology.

Taiwan-PH opportunities for collaboration

On March 19, in an exclusive global press conference, key officials were participated by the following: 

  • Mr. Vitezslav Schrek, President of Vysocina Region Czech Republic 
  • Mr. Charles Lin, Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung City Government, Taiwan 
  • Mr. Jason Chen, Chairman of Taiwan Smart City Solutions Alliance 
  • Mr. Marc Elrich, County Executive Montgomery County, Maryland, US 
  • Mr. David Golding, Head of Global Innovation Partnerships, Innovative UK 

In an interview with THEPHILBIZNEWS, Deputy Mayor Lin shared that despite its traffic limitations, “Manila, Philippines is getting [its] progress everyday.” 

To have such programs like in Kaohsiung or Taipei moving forward toward establishing a smart city, it is necessary to have more traffic control — “a standard way of technology can be implemented. You have to educate your people. You have to get the help,” said Lin. He also noted having more optimistic and high levels of exchange with both countries. 

“I hope we can have long friendships in terms of the city and the regions,” added Lin. 

On the other hand, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich expressed how convincing the key players to take a vital role in making an action or a transition. He noted that many youths are worried about climate change, and this tremendous predicament needs to be further reinforced and to keep on pushing ahead. 

“Truth is a powerful weapon, we have to use it more,” Elrich emphasized. 

As Asia’s largest hybrid smart city tradeshow with IoT solutions, Smart City Summit and Expo (SCSE) has been offering marketing opportunities — not only as a B2B platform, but as a G2G and G2B network. This includes highlights focusing on: intelligent building, smart education, intelligent transport systems, small startup programs, and the 2050 net zero city expo. 

Other exhibits include AI, technology, 5-network applications, smart healthcare applications, and smart disaster prevention.  This year’s Taiwan’s SCSE will be held at Hall 2, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (TaiNEX 2) from March 19-22, while on March 21-23, the venue will be at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall. 

“Featuring “Digital & Green Transformation”, 2024 Smart City Summit and Expo (SCSE) will take place both in Taipei & Kaohsiung from March 19th to 23rd, 2024. The event is expected to bring together 150,000+ visitors and 800+ exhibitors, with 1000+ matchmaking sessions and 80+ forums.” Learn more information about SCSE here.



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