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FIRING LINE: Tulfo rising

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By Robert B. Roque, Jr.

In the latest WR Numero poll conducted last December, with results released over the weekend, Senator Raffy Tulfo emerged as the top choice for president among opposition supporters for the 2028 elections.

His survey numbers among opposition voters hit a commanding 35% of their support. That’s a meteoric rise, given the prominence of opposition leaders like former vice president Leni Robredo, who trailed him in the poll at 23.5%.

Tulfo’s numbers also reflect a shifting dynamic, with Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio being third among opposition supporters at 17.5%. Interestingly, while Duterte-Carpio leads among administration supporters, the newbie senator’s appeal resonates across Luzon, highlighting a potential geographic advantage.

Some say Tulfo’s ascendancy marks a departure from traditional political figures, reflecting a desire for change among voters. His ranking among the top senators in the 2022 elections further solidified his position as a formidable contender.

Meanwhile, the fracturing alliance between Duterte-Carpio and President Bongbong Marcos underscores growing division within the administration. One of the focal points of division would be the International Criminal Court’s investigation into Marcos’s predecessor, Rodrigo Duterte, father of Inday Sara.

The nation’s pulse on the matter is also shifting, with a recent survey showing that more Filipinos favor allowing the ICC probe.

Amid uncertainty or my personal preferences, it comes into view that Tulfo’s emergence represents a potential catalyst for political transformation, signaling a departure from entrenched dynasties and a move towards new leadership.

Makati and Taguig at it, again!

Feuding neighbors Makati and Taguig were at it again over the weekend, with counter-accusations over running and occupying what has long been known as the Makati Park and Garden.

But wait a minute, Makati has no right to accuse Taguig of land grabbing. Plainly and simply, the Supreme Court had ended the debate when it ruled that it was illegal for Makati City to have occupied the 10 EMBO villages for 30 years.

So, Makati’s claim of thwarting Taguig’s alleged land-grabbing attempt reeks of lack of credibility. Quite conveniently, Mayor Abby Binay overlooks Makati’s own history of illegal occupation and exploitation.

It’s unsurprising that Mayor Lani Cayetano capitalizes on this to point out how Binay had shut down health centers and withheld essential services from EMBO residents.

She then makes the sound argument that the park should serve public interests and not be a pawn in Makati’s political games, which does come off as vindictive and harmful. 

Perhaps it’s time for Mayor Binay to give it a rest, acknowledge defeat gracefully, and stop hindering Taguig’s governance.

If Cayetano and the city government end up inferior or even a total failure in addressing EMBO residents’ needs, then let it be by their own hand – not by the mighty hand of the Binays.

*         *         *

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