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BEYOND SIGHT: Duterte’s Secession or Sedition

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By Monsi A. Serrano

The proposal to separate Mindanao from Luzon and Visayas floated as early as 2017, one year after the political kingpin of Davao City Rody Duterte won in the 2016 Presidential election. But back then, the social media was flooded with Visayas-Mindanao should separate from Luzon.

Apparently, this idea came into Duterte’s empty coconut obviously out of frustration with the palpable failure of his federalism form of the government.

This was part of one of many empty campaign promises that made other gullible Duterte fanatics fell for the viability of his idea hook, line, and sinker.

When the idea of federalism was being toyed Duterte thought that it can be done as easy as A, B, C or 1,2, 3. Can’t blame the old man, for a very obvious reason. He doesn’t have an iota of idea what federalism is all about, the nuances and dynamics of it. Hence, this was kind of frustrating for him, and would affect his image as a gift to the Philippines’ salvation. Perhaps, like his spiritual director, the FBI’s Most Wanted criminal, accused of sex trafficking of children, rape and bulk cash smuggling who has the temerity to call himself the “appointed son of God.”

The recent tirade against Bongbong Marcos and the proposal to secede Mindanao from the Philippines was not only idiotic but also unrealistic. The old man apparently has lost his sanity, whether it’s the adverse effect of senility or fentanylity, only his doctors know.

From his Economic Managers point of view, then NEDA Secretary Dr. Ernesto Pernia, and Duterte’s alleged bagman Sonny Dominguez told him it would take several years before Federalism can be implemented because there are so many issues that needed to be ironed out such as legislation, Implementing Rules and Regulations, budget, amongst others. So, federalism couldn’t not be done overnight, just like the fact that you cannot hatch an egg by hammering it!

At the onset, the proposal of Duterte’s secession already posits sedition, and if I were Bongbong Marcos’ I will send one battalion of military in his house, arrest the menace and turn him over to the International Criminal Court. For sure that would prompt jubilation to the entire nation.

But I admire Marcos for being prudent, by not dignifying Duterte’s tantrums. Equally admirable is the ever level headed and cool as a cucumber National Security Adviser Eduardo Ano who was quick to in a statement any attempt to put out the fire by saying that any attempt to secession will be dealt by the government with resolute force.” Last but not the least, I also find admirable my colleagues in the media for not dignifying and giving space to Duterte’s ala-China gambit.

Whether the secession includes Visayas and not just Mindanao is immaterial to me. But the call of Duterte to separate Mindanao from Luzon and Visayas should be dealt with legally.

To those who agreed with Duterte’s proposal, you may join him in Mindanao and be his disciples.

Luzon has more than 70% of the entire country’s GDP while the rest is from Visayas and Mindanao.

Back from the old campaign of Dutertrolls to separate Luzon from Visayas and Mindanao, this is a crazy idea given the GDP of Luzon, and/or Luzon and Visayas separating from Mindanao will not be enough to sustain the province of Mindanao. What did Duterte do to alleviate poverty in Mindanao? Apart from that, the people from Mindanao peacefully co-exist with people from Luzon and Visayas. Obviously, they left Mindanao because there were no opportunities for them. As to know why there is none, obviously because of corruption. People from Mindanao who are not entrepreneurs come to Luzon especially to Manila to look for jobs. I am sure if opportunities in Mindanao are abundant, they’d rather stay there and be with their family.

Perhaps, we should also ask Duterte about what happened to the grants given by various embassies to Mindanao? Care to answer former DOF Sec. Sonny Dominguez?

As Jeffrey Benjamin said, “True leaders unite people while false leaders divide them.”

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