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Israel showcases EPR technological innovation in Phl

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By Marinel Peroy 

With a mission to connect Filipinos and Israelis through cutting-edge technologies from various companies in Israel, the “Future Ready Resilience: Israel-Philippines Tech & Innovation Forum” unveiled the latest and state-of-the-art technology that provides solutions to Emergency Preparedness and Response.

The event was held on February 21, 2024, at the Shangri-la The Fort Manila and participated by 8 delegations from Israel and showcased their wide range of technological solutions for emergency preparedness, digitalization, video analytics, AI, defense forces, among others.

In his welcome remarks, Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines H.E. Ilan Fluss shared that Israel, having more than 9,000 startups ranks as the third-largest startup ecosystem worldwide, following Silicon Valley and New York.

Ambassador Fluss also highlighted that this trade mission would serve as a platform for Israeli companies to showcase their cutting-edge technology to enhance public alert and warning systems, command and control, first responder communications, and scheduled simulations. 

“Israel excels in Emergency Preparedness & Response, showcasing an impressive expertise in developing innovative solutions driven by the country’s unique climate, geography, and geopolitical situation. Notably, these advancements include state-of-the-art siren and alert systems, Command & Control, off-grid communication technologies, and aerial support,” underscored Fluss. 

Likewise, the envoy mentioned how the Philippine Red Cross Chairman Richard Gordon played a key role in partnering with Israel’s Red Cross, benefiting both organizations in this collective effort to provide help in times of crisis.

Meanwhile, Chairman Gordon, the keynote speaker of the forum, emphasized the 4Ps: Predict, Plan, Prepare, and Practice. Through the humanitarian assistance provided by the PRC, Gordon mentioned that they remain in service toward social welfare and volunteerism that are “just in time, on time, all the time.”

According to Gordon, there was also a total number of 21,603 blood units, as of February 20, 2024, at 4 PM. PRC has been committed to providing humanitarian aid for emergencies and disaster risks, alongside support through donations and having active volunteers nationwide. 

The 8 Israeli companies that participated in the FUTURE-READY RESILIENCE: Israel-Philippines Tech & Innovation Forum are: 

  • RT LTA Systems Ltd. (
    • Specializes in high-performance aerostat technologies 
    • SkystarTM systems are operationally deployed worldwide and perform emergency response, law enforcement, public safety, security missions, and even VIP protection. The aerostat can have operations at an altitude up to 1,500 ft, hence can carry any payload such as high-resolution camera, communications, radar, and even locate survivors in disaster areas. 
  • Corsight AI (
    • Recognized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
    • Facial recognition solutions that deal with disguises, poor video quality, limited angles, facial coverage, distance, and even darkness
  • Octopus Systems (
    • Management platform with Command and control app, AI, and personal monitoring app which help in reducing equipment and installation costs
    • Enable customers to access physical and IT security as well as situational awareness
  • Steadicopter (
    • Advanced unmanned robotic helicopters — full-featured solutions, vertical take-off and landing, steady hovering, and optical vision for day & night 
    • For operational missions, surveillance, defense, UAV
  • More Than Security LTD (
    • Services include civil defense, emergency preparedness, cyber, surveillance, and, border protection and control
    • Team with experts from Israel’s defense and security organizations
  • Mer Group (
    • For emergency response management with expertise focusing on disaster preparedness plans, early warning systems, security and communication systems, critical infrastructure protection, and safe & smart cities
    • Provides end-to-end services from strategy to training/maintenance
  • Magna BSP (
    • Provides 3D video surveillance solutions — perimeter security, port entry inspection, nuclear facilities, borders, airports/seaports, and other critical infrastructure 
    • AI capabilities in video analytics with highly accurate real-time detection (i.e. small drone detection: EO radar)
  • Cinten (
    • Customize crisis situations, tabletop exercises, emergency planning, wargame, strategic decision-making processes 
    • Examine response plans while training teams to deal with a range of risks and incidents 

Panel discussions were then followed — led by Economic Counselor Tomer Heyvi focusing on the“Roles of Emerging Technologies in Transforming Emergency Response” as well as Director for HLS, Cyber, Fintech & Aerospace – Israel Export Institute Tal Siman Tov for the second part of discussion about Managing Critical Infrastructure in Emergency Preparedness. With visits like this, more collaborations across various business sectors will forge stronger ties between Israel and the Philippines, establishing more trade and investment opportunities. 

“I am confident that our continued partnership will bring about innovative solutions, foster mutual growth, and further deepen the enduring bond between our two nations,” said Ambassador Fluss. 

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