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Japan’s top business school goes to Phl, brings biz-tech program to Filipinos

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Tokyo-based GLOBIS Corporation will expand to the Philippines through the establishment of GLOBIS Manila Inc., offering a Pre-MBA Program locally powered by GLOBIS University, Japan’s No. 1 MBA.

GLOBIS will launch its Philippine branch with an exclusive seminar in Makati City on February 27. The event, titled “Revolutionizing Business Education in the Technovate Era,” will be led by GLOBIS Founder and President Yoshito Hori.

The renowned Japanese entrepreneur, educator, and venture capitalist will discuss how GLOBIS has upgraded its education offerings with AI-enhanced technology, as well as what Filipino students can expect from GLOBIS as it continues to expand its offerings in the country.

Participants will:

Learn about leadership and entrepreneurship from Mr. Yoshito Hori, who has disrupted and changed the way business education is offered in Japan.
Discover Japan’s No. 1 MBA, including the upcoming Pre-MBA Program offered by GLOBIS Manila in April 2024 and consult with GLOBIS admissions advisors and explore the Full-time MBA Program in Tokyo, and the Part-time and Online MBA Program.

Network with President Hori, GLOBIS students and alumni, business leaders and other like-minded individuals who share the same passion for education, technology, and creating a positive change in society.

The free hybrid event will allow participants to join online or in person. To register, please visit this link:

“The Philippines has always been one of the highest potential markets for GLOBIS MBA, being the largest non-Japanese cohort of the English program,” explained Hori. “It is also the highest in terms of student referrals, showing how strong the Filipino community is in expanding our message and value proposition to more Filipinos.”

In photo: Mr. Yoshito Hori, Founder and President Globis Corporation & Globis University.

Prior to the opening of GLOBIS Manila Inc., GLOBIS Corporation expanded beyond Japan with branches in China, Singapore, Thailand, the USA, and Belgium.

The GLOBIS brand of education

GLOBIS has always offered a unique form of business education to its students. “We are not just an MBA,” added Hori. “Our mission is to develop leaders to create and innovate societies. Our MBA program not only has traditional business courses, but also Technovate (technology + innovation) courses focusing on emerging tech trends and their impact on business, and business management philosophy courses aimed to develop our students’ kokorozashi—a Japanese concept that translates to personal mission.”

“Kokorozashi unifies the passions and skills of a professional to bring positive change to society. Our students develop their kokorozashi while studying their MBA, and our unique ecosystem of people, capital, and knowledge supports them in translating this personal mission into reality,” Hori said.

GLOBIS places an emphasis on practicality in business education. Each class is taught by active professionals, utilizing a unique case-based methodology that encourages students to step into the shoes of real-world challenges and navigate tough business decisions through interactive class discussions.

A Tech-centered learning environment

Six years ago, GLOBIS launched GAiMERi, or the “GLOBIS AI Management Education Research Institute.” With GAiMERi, GLOBIS is developing next-generation management education models through the integration of prominent business school expertise, insights from education, and advancements in AI and digital technology.

GLOBIS understands students’ busy schedules do not end when their business education begins. “Our uniquely structured MBA learning program offers multiple means of learning and students can tailor their learning experience based on their capacity and needs,” said Hori.

Potential students have the option to start with a subscription to GLOBIS Unlimited, an on-demand business e-learning platform that uses AI to suggest the best courses for the user, or through the nano-MBA Program, which offers on-demand classes with instant AI-powered feedback combined with live classes.

For those interested in a unique MBA degree, students can also begin their journey with the Pre-MBA Program, which offers students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with fundamental business concepts from the GLOBIS MBA curriculum before moving into the one-year Full-time MBA Program in Tokyo or the two-year Part-time and Online MBA Program.

Earned credits from the nano-MBA and Pre-MBA Programs can be applied to the MBA degree programs at GLOBIS University.

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