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Illustrious Korean Chef Lily Min showcases finest K-Food in Sofitel Manila

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Text and photos by Marinel Peroy 

It is undeniable that Korean food has captured not just the hearts of the Filipino people but also the discriminating palate. Korean gastronomy offers a dynamic and unique culinary culture anchored on its rich heritage and this is all the very reason why Chef Lily Min celebrates and brandishes the Korean food.

The distinct characteristic of Korean food is known for fresh ingredients, bold and complex flavors, and diverse cooking techniques that make one’s gastronomic adventure worth the plunge. Korean cuisine incorporates a variety yet balanced savory, sweet and spicy flavors and each dish emanates with rich culinary heritage and cultural diversity from the Land of the Morning Calm and now brought to Spiral and Le Bar at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila starting on February 16 to March 16, 2024.

From left, Eric Norbert, Director of Food & Beverage, Luke Groves, Resident Manager Chef Lily Min, Korean Cuisine Expert/Guest Chef, Chef Bettina Arguelles, Director of Culinary Operations, Bingbing Lingao, Director of Business Development during the launching of The Royal Table: Korean Noble Cuisine by Chef Lily Min on February 8 at La Veranda at Spiral, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

A majestic SoKor tr(EAT) from the “Korean Cuisine Envoy”

Fully aware of how the K-wave has largely influenced Filipinos, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila introduces something unique and not commercially available K-food served or offered in Korean restaurants. What makes this collaboration different is that Sofitel Manila will showcase Royal Korean Cuisine in its month-long gastronomic activities such as a masterclass and signature dishes courtesy of the Ambassador of Korean Cuisine, the revered Chef Lily Min.

Chef Lily Min underscores the importance of using fresh ingredients which is part of Korean culinary heritage.

This collaboration with culinary expert Chef Min will take the gastronomic voyage of promoting Korea’s cuisine from February 16 to March 16, 2024. True enough, Chef Min’s culinary expertise has gotten a preview through a cooking demo during a recent media roundtable gathering. As shared, moreover, Korean cuisine is part of the Top 5 of the healthiest foods across the world

According to Chef Min, South Korean foods ensure that each dish being served has maintained “authenticity, beauty, and taste” before anyone can savor the scrumptious treat. Therefore, expect the best quality encapsulated in every ingredient — beyond your usual tteokbokki and samgyeopsal cravings. With the balance of flavors in each dish. 

What to Expect at Spiral

Media and food aficionados were treated to an authentic Korean culture without traveling to Korea (not just yet!) during the launching of The Royal Table: Korean Noble Cuisine by Chef Lily Min. To everyone’s delight, Sofitel showcases interesting Korean items that perfectly complement the K-Food we enjoyed.

The fantastic performance from the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines during the launching of Korean Noble Cuisine, was really an immersion to the rich heritage and culture of the Koreans beyond food.

So, when you visit Sofitel Manila to find out why The Royal Table: Korean Noble Cuisine is worth your time without the need to leave the country, because it is the perfect time for you to indulge, in a wide variety of authentic and signature South Korean dishes featuring Haeparinangche (Jellyfish salad), Chadolbagi Salad (Marbling beef salad), Daehajatzeup muchim (King prawn salad with pine nut sauce), Galbijjim (Braised short beef ribs), Yukjeon (Beef pancake), and a whole lot more!

Catch Chef Lily Min, in action and interact with a Korean culinary expert every Friday & Saturday at Spiral lunch and dinner. On February 24 and March 9, be one of our Spiral lucky patrons and witness a Korean Royal Cuisine masterclass on these dates. The demo class will be at 1:30 PM at Spiral 2 Go.

Me and Chef Bettina Arguelles, Sofitel Manila Director of Culinary Operations.

Book a table for this gastronomic adventure to Korea via +63 02 8573 5599 or email Chef’s Seasonal Favorite at Le Bar

Chef Lily Min highlights one of her signature dishes at Le Bar, Sofitel Manila’s lobby restaurant and lounge. A tender and decadent beef patty served with a refreshing salad, Le Bar offers Ddeokgalbi or Korean minced, seasoned, and grilled beef ribs. A famous dish from Damyang, South Korea, this meat of the bone shows a unique way of preparing and presenting Korean grilled beef on a plate for that one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Available at Le Bar from February 16 to March 16, 2024. Try out Chef Lily Min’s seasonal dish for only Php 1450 nett.

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