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AdSpark brandishes transformative journey in 2024, leads AdTech revolution

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AdSpark, a front-runner in the Philippine digital agency sector, is embarking on a transformative journey this year to enhance and protect its core business, retain a strong market position, and pioneer engagement in strategic and creative AI-enabled platforms.

Central to AdSpark’s strategy is sustaining its momentum as the lead adtech integrator for the Globe Group, aiming to deliver a cohesive and frictionless client journey with best-in-class solutions. This aligns with AdSpark’s shared purpose with its parent company, Brave Connective Holdings, Inc., of bringing brands closer to their customers.

AdSpark’s 2024 roadmap is underpinned by three key strategic pillars: Seamless Integration, Future-Proofing the Business, and Building a Culture of Trust. These initiatives represent a commitment to establishing authority over the current and emerging AdTech stack and maximizing the Globe Group advantage, innovating for sustainability and long-term success by upgrading adtech capabilities, and investing in people, brand, and sustainable practices.

“As we forge ahead, our focus is firmly set on innovation and leadership within the adtech sector,” stated JL Erestain, COO of AdSpark. “Our strategic approach transcends mere adaptation to industry trends. We’re committed to establishing new benchmarks and redefining excellence in the realm of digital advertising, thereby reshaping the landscape and setting a higher standard for what’s possible in our field.”

Reflecting on the highlights of 2023, AdSpark has continued to excel as one of the country’s top digital agency players. The company significantly grew its non-Globe enterprise business, achieving a commendable 93% above-budget delivery compared to 2022.

AdSpark fortified its position by strategically collaborating with leading media vendors and tech partners, enhancing its offerings through SparkIntelligence, SparkSuite, SparkStudio, and SparkRewards. Major partners include Meta, Google, TikTok, GCash, Huawei, M360, Inquiro, DeepSea, Nexxen, Meltwater, GMS, IntentfulAI, and Accenture.

Key to AdSpark’s success is placing importance on People & Culture, achieving a notable 93% internal satisfaction rate, indicative of the team’s high morale and engagement.

AdSpark also received major recognition, including two Golds from the 2023 Marketing Excellence Awards, and forged partnerships with leading universities, reflecting its industry leadership.

As an adtech expert and data-driven agency, AdSpark remains committed to accelerating digital and mobile advertising in the Philippines through technological innovation and strategic foresight.

For more details on AdSpark’s innovative solutions and partnership opportunities, visit or contact

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