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LIFE MATTERS: The War To End All Wars

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By Dr. Dencio Acop

The world appears simple enough. If we just keep our focus on what our senses can behold. But truth is we are more than our senses. And our world is not what it seems to be just from the outside. In the world are natural, preternatural, and supernatural forces and realities all happening simultaneously. These dimensions occur in the micro and macro and are unmindful of time except perhaps here on earth. In truth, we are in a continuum but it is one that does not become apparent to human senses until they rise to higher consciousness. The ever-lasting battle between good and evil seems simple enough but still, most people on the planet do not conceive of it for what it truly is. Which reminds me of the movie ‘Nefarious’. Particularly that opening line of the terminally condemned criminal when he says: ‘I am a demon’. And the well-educated psychiatrist reacts nonchalantly with ‘oh really’. Because that is exactly where most of us in this world are. The preternatural stares us in the face and the natural in us just doesn’t see it. That is, if we do not have the supernatural in us.

You see, the reason why there are many atheists in the world is because they rely totally just upon their senses. But our senses are limited. They cannot grasp what lies beyond the sense. And the reason why there are so many evil people in the world is because their natural selves cannot make out nor discern the preternatural powers infesting their souls. Many even believe in the demon because they sense his power through the crystal ball or seances. True, the demons have power and are indeed powerful. But theirs is preternatural power as in the dark kind. These include some of the ‘spirits’ worshipped by early peoples in many pagan rituals. I know. I too am of a native tribe. I think we will see the manifestations of these dark forces if only we look more deeply into them. They are well documented now especially in the exorcisms of ancient rites performed by the Catholic Church. A good resource is the late Fr Gabriele Amorth who did hundreds of exorcisms out of the Vatican. Other well-documented resources include the ever-growing narratives on near-death experiences (NDEs) happening all over the world. Thus, the take-away is this: Be aware of the wars in the world all happening simultaneously. There is the war among humans. This is the natural, and oftentimes this is all we see. But beneath the hatred that fuels these wars are the demons exercising their preternatural powers upon the vulnerable sensualities of man. The demons are more powerful than humans. Then, there is the supernatural that makes martyrs die for God and what’s good in this life frustrating the demons. Why all these? The preternaturals hate the naturals who have a chance at heaven where these rebel angels have been cast out. They are merely out to increase their kind and challenge the Creator of all however perversely nefarious that alternative (dis)order of theirs is. The preternaturals know they cannot prevail over the supernatural. But the naturals don’t know that. With their vulnerable sensualities. Unless and until they come into the orbit and protection of the supernatural.

Nice tale some of you would say! But look at where today’s world is headed. I wrote an extensive paper about the heating antagonism between the reigning superpower US and risen challenger China. One leads the still prevailing liberal order in the world. The other is now the de facto leader of the illiberal authoritarian order. One believes in human rights and the free will. The other only believes in the communist party of China. One respects international law and freedom of navigation for all nations. The other believes in might is right and bullies its way through sovereign territories and exclusive zones of neighboring countries for its own economy because it can. One order believes in freedom of religion and the pursuit of truth. The other believes only in the communist party of China or its own religion whatever that is but intolerant of others. The world is so divided between these two contending orders. Alliances are forming behind the two leaders of these orders. One believes in the moral order. The other doesn’t. In everything that I know, I fear most the winds of war I thought would never come. But then again I realized that the war has already been happening deep inside every man’s heart which has led up to this. Suddenly, the myths of heaven are the earth’s too! There is a prayer that is getting louder in my faith: ‘. St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all his evil cohorts, who prowl the earth seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.’ The preternatural forces descended upon the natural children of God. And were about to finish them off. When behold a blinding light and deafening sound came upon the earth. The supernatural God finally said: ‘Enough is enough’. And cast them all down where they belonged. The war to end all wars was finally come. The earth was no more. And so were the evil influencers. Only God remained. And all the souls who clung to Him.

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