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Ready to Moove Around? Moovr provides mobility solution in the cities

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By Marinel Peroy

They say when there’s traffic, there’s progress. While this may be true to some extent, traffic is counterproductive not to mention it’s stressful too!

While the advent of TNVS and Motorcycle Taxis mitigate the impact of the traffic in the metropolis, commuters, workers and other ordinary people still struggle to find not just a mobility solution, but also something readily available, affordable, and sustainable.

When Moovr was introduced in December 2020 by Anna Moncupa, the founder and chief executive, the country’s first and unique mobility solution piloted it at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City. Its mission was simple to provide a mobility system using bikes and e-scooters that commuters can use from designated centerpoint with the use of Moovr app.

While disrupted by the pandemic, Moovr continues its mission in helping commuters and till now they remain steadfast to make keep mobility and connectivity available to everyone.

Navigating the post-pandemic world, every Juan and Juana can take charge of his or her own Mooves through the city and through life, with one convenient ride at a time.

Just recently, Moovr unveiled its newest electric-powered rides available in expanded locations visible through their improved mobile app, making it easier for you to get where you’re going for the most affordable price in the city. 

MOOVR MAKES IT SIMPLE: Ready, Scan and Go. Voila and you’re ready to MOOVE!

Moovr offers an economical alternative for your daily travels, allowing you to get to your destination for as low as P25. Being 100% cashless and self-serviced, you can use digital credits for seamless and affordable transportation. The app allows you to check real-time ride availability across stations in BGC, Mckinley Hill, and Makati where you can instantly rent a device, eliminating the need to navigate through traffic or wait for a ride. Simply open the app, locate the nearest device, and end your ride in multiple convenient locations in these cities. 

Control your commute, manage your errands, get to school, or work at your own pace with Moovr’s newest rides available all over the city. 

Future-proofing mobility and connectivity by integrating technology

As we all know, the TNVS and MCT apps still require users to pay fiat money. With MOOVR, users need not have to prepare for exact change when using its e-bikes or e-scooters, because part of its mission is to embark on sustainable mobility and connectivity solutions.

MOOVR capitalizes on the technology and even integrates payment system using GCash, or Debit Card. This was a main consideration for MOOVR.

“We noticed the majority of our riders take long rides and we want to offer them a more comfortable riding experience. We looked at other cities in the world where micromobility has been successful, and adopted the same technology in our devices,” said Carlo Rombano, Head of Operations at Moovr. 

Moovr brought devices used in first-world cities to Manila at a price point that’s accessible to Filipinos. Adapting to local consumer needs and demands. 

“Our adaptability also extends to our app. With our latest update, we’ve applied comprehensive features that don’t just make every ride efficient but an enriching exploration,” added Shiela Raña, Head of Operations. 

The new features include encrypted payments, which allow riders to save their details and top up with a single tap on a button, as well as an adaptive user interface that lets riders see parking areas, and vehicle details such as their availability, battery levels, and ride rates. 

“At Moovr, we believe in redefining the way people move through their cities. Our commitment to innovation and user-centric design aims to inspire a sense of empowerment with every ride,” said Raña. 

Moovr is committed to catering to your individual transportation needs. Last, January 13th, they launched two new ride options – the electric-powered bike and their upgraded e-scooters. 

For the first time, Moovr’s bikes are going electric. This makes it easier to breeze through the city with less effort. The e-bikes feature a sturdy basket for quick errands, and are specifically designed for Filipinos. Meanwhile, the upgraded e-scooters also feature a sturdier base, and better suspension for bumpy roads and surfaces,  perfect for longer commutes, or simply riding around town for a breather. 

Guest enjoying the new E-Bike during the relaunching of MOOVR on January 13 at BGC.

These newest e-bikes and scooters are designed not only for efficiency but also to enhance the overall ease of unlocking the city. Whether it’s breezing through traffic during the daily commute or leisurely cruising through the city streets, Moovr’s new ride options provide an unparalleled level of convenience. 

See how to ride better, and keep up to date with Moovr through their social media pages (Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram). 

Ready to ride? Download the Moovr app now to unlock the city. Don’t miss out on the fun, check out the newest e-bike and e-scooters at the nearest Moovr station near you through the Moovr application available on the Google Playstore and Apple app store. 

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