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FIRING LINE: China’s repetitive false narrative

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By Robert B. Roque, Jr.

Here goes China again — repeating the false narrative that the presence of Philippine vessels within its 200-km exclusive economic zone is an act of provocation. In the latest exchange, Manila rightfully asserts that it adheres to international law and exercises its sovereign rights within the bounds of territorial waters in the West Philippine Sea side of this dispute.

The accusations from China, echoed through state media, insinuate a reliance on external support by the Philippines to provoke — an assertion categorically denied by the Philippine military spokesperson, Medel Aguilar. As tensions escalate, China’s accusations of “extremely dangerous” behavior by the Philippines are met with a counterclaim that it is China engaging in perilous maneuvers leading to collisions at sea.

Amid the accusations, the call for dialogue by China is juxtaposed against our nation’s firm stance that we are on the right side of history. It’s time for China to reassess its narrative and recognize that the rest of the world sees it like the Philippines because our argument makes legitimate and common sense.

 A dream best pursued elsewhere

The day after Christmas, the Communist Party of the Philippines unleashed its 55th-anniversary statement. This dreary declaration only served as an anti-climactic, joy-killing reminder of their intent to perpetuate armed conflict against the government. In an 18-page spectacle of verbiage, the CPP attempted to rationalize its persistently futile pursuits, showcasing a commitment to an outdated ideology that has long lost its relevance.

Their convoluted self-critical assessment amounts to little more than empty rhetoric, acknowledging errors while desperately clinging to a dogma that has led to stagnation and losses. The call to strengthen the New People’s Army (NPA) is an admission of failure, urging cadres to recover from losses and rebuild bases for a cause that grows increasingly obsolete.

Their political agenda, exploiting internal splits and pushing for peace negotiations, is a feeble attempt to inject relevance into a movement teetering on irrelevance. The CPP’s commitment to international solidarity serves as a desperate grasp at straws, hoping to find support in a world that has moved beyond its antiquated notions.

Despite all the bloodshed and gore perpetrated by the CPP-NPA-NDF in its relentless struggle to seize governance through force, the government extended an unexpected olive branch last November by expressing willingness to reconsider talks with the National Democratic Front (NDF) before the peace negotiating table.

Yet, the CPP’s Christmas aftermath statement is nothing more than a lackluster attempt at a revolutionary encore — an audacious display of duplicity, a seething intent to deceive the government despite its gracious token of goodwill.

You don’t like democracy in the Philippines and choose to destroy the peace and development reaching the rural reaches of our islands? Do you want to embrace communism, breathe, and bathe in it? Go to China!

*         *         *

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