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Thailand cherishes deep friendship and shared values with Phl

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Texts and photos by Marinel Peroy 

Warmth, friendliness, and colorful celebration filled the Kingdom of Thailand’s National Day Celebration as it reaffirmed and cherished its long-standing friendship with the Philippines spanning almost 75 years.

As the diplomatic relations lead to semisesquicentennial next year, this also opened more opportunities to embrace the present and future of Philippine-Thailand friendship. The shared vision, deepening ties and building a bridge of friendship that ultimately breaks barriers, transcends borders and integrates the unique ASEAN culture of both countries.

Commemorating the Kingdom of Thailand’s National Day, the reception was held on December 5, at Dusit Thani, Makati City and highlighted the three important and auspicious occasions in Thailand. First, the Anniversary of the Former King’s Birthday, His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej – The Great, second, the National Day of the Kingdom of Thailand, and last but not the least, Thailand’s Father’s Day.

In his opening remarks, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to the Philippines His Excellency Tull Traisorat pointed out the legacy of their king. “The Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) is based on His Majesty, the late King, long decades of hands-on research and work in development. The philosophy has become Thailand’s domestic development inspiration,” Ambassador Traisorat said.

The Thai envoy also shared that Thailand’s King Bhumibol was internationally recognized and was presented with the United Nations Development Programme’s first Human Development Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006.

The Thai ambassador was also joined by the Department of Foreign Affairs Usec. Gary Domingo and Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown.

From temples to beaches: Thai-Phl as steadfast allies

Furthermore, the Kingdom of Thailand and the Philippines remain steadfast partners — united by a history of cooperation that extends across a myriad of areas, including trade, education, and people-to-people exchanges. 

“The embassy and the Office of Civil Security and Consular Affairs under Usec. Domingo has had very close cooperation in various areas including the protection of each other, national exchange of best practices in overseas voting legalization, as well as passport and visa services,” as added by Thai Ambassador Traisorat. 

Ambassador Traisorat also shared that the number of Filipino tourists traveling to Amazing Thailand has been consistently high. In contrast, Thai tourists visiting our country have doubled in the past year, exceeding pre-COVID-19 levels. He then, likewise, congratulated the Philippines for winning Asia’s Leading Dive Destination award for a fifth consecutive year, highlighting the tourism wonders that the Philippines bring to the tourists, particularly Thailanders. 

The Thai envoy also emphasized that “more direct flights between famous tourist cities of both countries will contribute to the success of ‘two countries, one destination’ concept which Thailand and the Philippines have been promoting according to the Implementation Program of the Agreement on Cooperation on Tourism” which will attract more tourists to both nations.

This statement proves that both countries have undeniably demonstrated a commitment to fostering goodwill, understanding, and prosperity — hoping to enrich the fabric of their bilateral relations. 

A Glimpse of Thai’s Heritage & Healing

Diverse traditions intertwine to create a mosaic of shared values that unite hearts across the globe. And this can also be seen within a rich tapestry of aromas through the botanical wonders. 

Herbs, for instance, serve as significant in Thai culture and are deeply intertwined with traditional medicine, culinary practices, and cultural rituals. In this compact universe of herbs, every leaf tells a story — holding the promise of cultural richness and well-being which I witnessed en route to the inside of the venue. I was given a small memento of this Thai herbal remedy, providing me with an amusing insight into the preserved healing traditions from the Kingdom of Thailand.

To share, here are some of the herb benefits for you: 

  • White Cinnamon: Treats dizziness, nourishes the heart, and relieves stomach pain
  • Black pepper: Eliminates phlegm and nourishes the elements 
  • Clove: Relieves bloating and expels excessive gas in the intestines
  • Mace: Nourishes blood flow in the body
  • Chuan Xiong: Relieves headache and pain of the bone 
  • Menthol: Relieves stress and improves blood circulation
  • Cardamon: Releases bloating and helps in stomach ache
  • Borneo Camphor: Helps to stimulate breathing, brain function, and heart nourishment

These herbs are also essential ingredients in Thai cuisine, providing unique flavors and aromas to dishes; therefore overall contributing to cultural, spiritual, and aesthetic aspects of daily life. 

Indeed, from firm handshakes to heartfelt alliances, more collaborations await as the Kingdom of Thailand and the Philippines celebrate their 75 years of enduring diplomatic relations next year. Not only it would serve as a testament to the shared values and mutual respect between the two nations, but also stand as a foundation for continued collaboration and cultural exchange, trade and investment, among others in 2024 and beyond,

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