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Revolutionizing farming in Phl the Taiwan’s way

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By Marinel Peroy

As a staunch supporter of food security, the Republic of China (Taiwan) ramps up cooperation with the Philippines by planting seeds of friendship that will blossom into mutually beneficial for both countries.

The unveiling of a demonstration farm in Tarlac City on December 15, dubbed as “Smart Farming” is Taiwan’s crown jewel in its global agri initiatives and admired agricultural program. Smart Farming is a way of life for Taiwanese that proves to be effective, productive, sustainable, and adaptable.

Rolling out its 3rd international cooperation which was planted with the establishment of the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) in the Philippines in March 2022, the initiative was first launched in Southeast Asia at Indonesia and Thailand. Fully supported by Taiwan through the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF), this endeavor marks the implementation of Taiwan’s Agri-Cluster Consolidation Cooperation (ACCC) project in the Philippines, showcasing a commitment to shared agricultural advancements.

Seeds of Sustainability Towards Food Security

During his speech, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Representative – His Excellency Wallace M.G. Chow highlighted the objective of TTM, explaining that it aims to introduce Taiwan’s modern policy to Filipino agriculture policymakers, researchers, farmers, and Fishermen.

“As we all know food security has become a global concern amidst the worldwide pressure of inflation stemming, from the COVID-19 pandemic, the continued war between Russia and Ukraine, and accelerating climate change — therefore as the closest of the Philippines, Taiwan has realized the importance of developing a strategic partnership between our two countries on food production,” said Ambassador Chow.

Signifying more than just agricultural innovation, the Technical Mission Demonstration Farm in Tarlac City stands as a living testament to the flourishing bilateral relations between Taiwan and the Philippines. Further, TTM intends to enhance the agriculture practice as well as the groundwork for improved safety and productivity through innovation.

Having said this, some of this year’s milestones include:

May 2023 – had the installation of a weather station in collaboration with local farmers

August 2023 – TTM distributed disaster relief seedlings in Tarlac province, providing support to six cooperatives within the region

October 2023 – Advance Greenhouse embarked on its first attempt at melon production

Taiwan-Phl relations: Technological Innovation and Mutual Cooperation

Taiwan shares with the Philippines its best practices on smart farming which includes soil testing, diagnosis of cultivation, harvesting, post-harvest processing, storage, packaging, marketing, and distribution.

Through the demonstration farm, high-value crop and seedling production will be harvested with the help of new types of machinery such as a semi-automatic grafting machine, electric lifting carrier, tri-wheel sprayer, leafy vegetable harvester and transplanter. Indeed, the advocacy of conducting a capacity-building program while embracing modernization and industrialization is pivotal in ensuring sustainable development and economic resilience.

Me at the Taiwan demonstration farm in Tarlac City

As the seeds of cooperation are sown, the aim is for these connections to grow organically and be reaped by the people, economically. For instance, the ACC project aims to supply 150 hectares of disaster relief seedlings every year to expedite post-disaster recovery. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable approaches, the demo farm in Tarlac City is poised to elevate its agricultural output, contributing to food security and economic stability.

“Global challenges require global solutions. Global Solutions necessitate collaboration between countries, particularly closest neighbors. The establishment of the Taiwan Technical Mission showed our two countries’ willingness to form a sound partnership, and I am confident that this will further enhance the solid bond between Taiwan and the Philippines through cooperation and development,” as emphasized Chow.

This initiative not only strengthens ties between Taiwan and the Philippines but also serves as a tangible embodiment of the potential for mutual growth and prosperity through collaborative agricultural efforts.

The farm, as revolutionized in Taiwan’s way, becomes a symbolic landscape where the shared commitment to progress can take root and flourish for the benefit of both countries, from today and the years to come.

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