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Romania sees stronger ties with Phl into the future

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By Monsi A. Serrano

True to her commitment to help in promoting parts of the Philippines apart from further enhancing cooperation with the country, Romanian Ambassador to the Philippines Her Excellency Răduţa Dana Matache celebrated their country’s National Day on November 29, in an extraordinary way with a touch of Filipino ingenuity that put everyone in awe. Bringing the Dinagyan Festival at the 105-year commemoration of the reunification of Romania at the elegant Fairmont Makati, not only added color to the festive night but also drew strong interest among foreign and local guests about the Philippines’ rich culture.

Ambassador Răduţa with the Dinagyan Festival Dancers

Speaking to the distinguished guests from the diplomatic and business community, government officials, and other friends of the Embassy of Romania, Ambassador Matache expressed profound gratitude to everyone who celebrated Romania’s National Day and underscored that this is a sacred celebration for all Romanians.

In her speech, Ambassador Matache said that the celebration of Romanian National Day is done to take pride in the stable and peaceful country in the world, which is unfortunately, peace and stability are becoming a privilege. She also revealed that Romania is not a young country as many who have not been there thought of.

The first Romanian lady envoy in the Philippines said that their ancestors lived on their territory millennia before Christ. One of the oldest civilizations in Europe, Cucuteni, was discovered in Romania, along the course of the longest European river, the Danube.  

She also narrated that back in the Middle Ages, all the Romanian territories were brought together at various stages during the Middle Ages and two Romanian provinces formed Romania in 1859. However, Romanians consider 1918 the year when modern Romania came into being, and 1918 was a milestone year for the whole European continent. 

Interestingly, after World War II, Romania was the first country in their region to open diplomatic relations with the Philippines, in 1972, 51 years ago.

In photo from left, Honorary Consul of Romania in Pampanga Consul Sergio Ortiz-Luis, Romanian Ambassador to the Philippines, Her Excellency Răduţa Dana Matache, Department of Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Dr. Jesus “Gary” Domingo, Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines Archbishop Charles Brown and Honorary Consul of Romania in Cebu City, Consul Grand Benedicto – Cebu during the 105-year commemoration of the reunification of Romania held on November 29 at Fairmont Makaati (Photo from THEPHILBIZNEWS/MEP)

According to Matache, the Romanian Embassy in Manila was established in 1976 and has already reached mid-life of 45 years of uninterrupted activity. She also beamed with pride for being the 11th Romanian ambassador to the Philippines and the first woman-ambassador in the country as she said, “I am happy and honored to stand before you. Romanians and Filipinos, we are proud of our relationships and determined to develop them further”.

Ambassador Matache lauded the current leadership in Manila and Bucharest, and pointed out that next year the Philippine Embassy in Bucharest is due to reopen, as part of the consolidation of relations with the European Union and said that this development will boost Romania and the Philippines’ political and diplomatic dialogue, as well as the trade and investment links with both countries can explore.

She noted that the reopening of the Philippine Embassy will ensure adequate support and protection for the thousands of OFWs who work in Romania and are valued for their character, dedication, and professionalism.

Taking note of the unique way for the Embassy of Romania to celebrate the National Day and veering away from the Eurocentric way of celebration, Ambassador Matache underscored that the celebration of the National Day abroad is never about a country only but always about a relationship. Hence, Romania’s National Day Celebration in Manila is always about more than Romania; it is about Romania and the Philippines together, now and in the future.  

Ambassador Matache vowed that the subsequent Romanian National Day Celebrations in the Philippines, and the embassy would put the spotlight on a beautiful area of the Philippines, with this year Iloilo and the Dinagyang Festival taking centerstage.

In closing, Ambassador Matache expressed heartfelt gratitude to the ever-dynamic, cohesive, and dependable Romanian Embassy team composed of Mr. William Korbl, the Deputy Head of Mission, Daniela Coman, Gerald Nuñez, Mary Rose Wood Manimtim, and Anamaria Jitcovici.

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