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GCash unveils Global Pay to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and more

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Everybody has their travel bucket lists – whether that’s exploring the world’s most popular sites, experiencing heart-pounding extreme adventure sports, immersing in rich cultural sites, or simply savoring the wonders of nature. But the question that lingers with these goals is how to achieve them without breaking the bank.

Thankfully, GCash now offers Global Pay, an excellent solution that lets you go cashless and helps you get the most out of your international trips without overspending.

Pay with GCash around the world with GCash Global Pay

Building on the successful Pay via QR launch in Japan in 2021 in collaboration with Alipay+, GCash, the country’s leading finance super app, unveiled GCash Global Pay in early 2023 at its Futurecast event, expanding its availability in several new markets, including South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and exciting European destinations like France, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

According to Paul Albano, VP General Manager for GCash International, “With the holidays approaching, we’re anticipating many Filipino travelers will soon be planning their vacations with their family and friends. With GCash Global Pay, we aim to make the travel experiences for Filipinos more enjoyable and stress-free. We’re excited to continue our partnership with Alipay+ and expand the capabilities of GCash to more destinations in Asia and beyond.”

GCash Global Pay offers users a hassle-free and rewarding travel experience abroad through a seamless and secure payment experience across various merchants through Scan to Pay. It also eliminates the inconveniences of high exchange rates, carrying around too much cash in an unfamiliar currency, or withdrawing at ATMs with additional charges.

Some travelers also bring their credit cards with them on international trips, but there’s always a looming concern over surprise fees or bill shock when they get back. With GCash Global Pay, budget-conscious travelers gain better control over their finances and empower them to stay on top of their expenses throughout their trip with features like low forex and no service fees.

Additionally, GCash Global Pay opens the door to a broader network of international merchants who offer exclusive deals and promotions when using GCash to pay through its partnership with Alipay+.

Whether you’re on your shopping spree at Japan’s Don Quijote and Mitsui Shopping Park, trying out local delights from 7-Eleven or Lawson, exploring local transportation, or buying everyday essentials at various department stores, just look for the Alipay+ sign to know if you can use Global Pay with GCash.

To Scan to Pay with GCash abroad, simply look for the Alipay+ and GCash logo at the checkout counter. Open your GCash app, tap Pay Abroad with Alipay+ and let the merchant scan your unique QR or you can scan the merchant’s QR code. Verify the amount and click “Pay” to receive your receipt.

This November, GCash will unveil a range of new features to enhance the GCash Global Pay experience for travelers, providing them with user-friendly access to real-time conversion rates to the local currency of their current location. The app will also display converted balances within their GCash wallets, ultimately helping users track their budget better.

For all your upcoming travels, use GCash so that you enjoy smooth payments and get the most out of your trip all in just a few taps of your phone via the app. Learn more about GCash Global Pay

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