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86 Nobel Laureates urge World Leaders to work on immediate release of children abducted by Hamas

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The Hamas terrorists attack against Israel last October 7 led not just to massive and bloodied murder but also kidnapping and imprisonment of innocent children.

Mindful of the danger it posed on the children in the hands of Hamas terrorists, 86 Nobel Laureates spearheaded a petition for the Immediate release of abducted children, addressing the United Nations alongside Israeli and American Ambassadors to beseech World Leaders to act now before it’s too late.

The Nobel Laureates have taken a stand, submitting a heartfelt petition through both the Israeli and American ambassadors to the United Nations, addressed to the Secretary-General and, by extension, leaders of nations across the globe. This petition conveys a profound moral imperative: the immediate release of the kidnapped children in Gaza.

Within this heartfelt petition, the laureates express a poignant message: “Throughout the annals of human history, wars have unfolded, but humanity has consistently drawn the line between acts of war and war crimes. No war should ever condone mass atrocities. No war normalize acts of rape and torture. Never will war permit the captivity of innocent young children in the throes of hellish confinement.”

Adding to their voice, they emphasize, “during the attack, Hamas kidnapped hundreds of Israeli soldiers and
civilians, including children aged between 6 months and 18 years. Children should never
be regarded as pawns in the theater of war.”

The Nobel laureates are united in their moral demand for the immediate release of these kidnapped children. They assert, “The soul of a child differs from that of an adult. It is our sacred duty to protect the innocent and shield the vulnerable. It is our sacred duty to save our children. The distressing images and words we witness today evoke memories of darker times, times that we, humanity as a collective, had hoped to leave behind.”

The petition signatories unequivocally declare that the abduction and imprisonment of children is a war crime and a profound moral injustice against humanity as a whole. Their message concludes with a resounding demand: “Let The Children Go.”

Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan: “Following the barbaric massacre conducted by Hamas, which tragically claimed the lives of children, women, and the elderly, the UN appears to have strayed from its core mission to prevent and combat horrors and war crimes. The UN has seemingly overlooked the suffering of Israeli citizens, including the abduction of innocent children and babies. This represents the UN’s final opportunity to demonstrate its relevance and humanity. I implore the Secretary-General to awaken to the profound significance of the lives of abducted children, to the point where their well-being resonates deeply within him, and that he is unwavering in his commitment to prioritizing the innocent children kidnapped by terrorists over aiding those in Gaza who support the terrorists barbaric violence. The Nobel laureates serve as an impassioned moral compass, and I earnestly implore him to wholeheartedly heed their message.”

This unprecedented petition has been presented by Professor Daniel Kahneman, representing the Nobel laureates, and Alana Zeitchik and Liam Lindsay, relatives of abducted 3 year old twins Emma and Julie and 5 year old Amelia, representing the families of the kidnapped children.

Notably, this petition is supported by 86 of the world’s foremost scientists and thinkers, including Nobel Laureates such as Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Laureate in Peace 2003; Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Nobel Laureate in Peace 2011; Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Laureate in Economics 2002; Aaron Ciechanover, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2004; Patrick Modiano, Nobel Laureate in Literature 2014; Jose Ramos-Horta, Nobel Laureate in Peace 1996; Olga Tokarczuk, Nobel Laureate in Literature 2018, among others. A full list of the signatories is attached as part of the petition.

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