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British Chamber commends ThePhilBizNews being recognized as one of the Best Investment Websites in Phl

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The British Chamber of Commerce Philippines celebrates The Philippine Business and News being in the top 5 of the Best Filipino Investment Blogs and Websites– paving the way for local and international companies to consider investing in the country. 

Being one of its media partners, it widens the media presence of the British Chamber, promotes its advocacies in making the Philippines an investment destination and boosting the Philippine market through attracting British companies to increase their market presence. The Philippine Business and News has continuously covered the developments within the UK-PH economic and trade relations, allowing an increase of understanding among the business community. 

In 2022, the UK-PH reached an all-time high of £2.6 billion in total of trade in goods and services. With Chris Nelson, British Chamber of Commerce Philippines (BCCP) Executive Director/Trustee noted in an interview with a media outlet:

“Despite present economic challenges being felt globally, the UK-PH trade remains sustainable, with our priorities focused on advocating for further liberalising the market providing an increase for economic opportunities that will help with combating inflation and attaining food security.”

The British Chamber recently expressed its support to the Unilever Philippines Beauty & Wellbeing and Personal Care factory in General Trias, Cavite led by President Marcos. The said Php 4.7 billion investment aims to drive the country towards economic growth, generate employment opportunities, and sustainability. Moreover, it continues to advocate for the Executive Order No. 10 which aims to reduce tariffs on commodities including pork and the Anti-Agricultural Smuggling Act which aims to improve measures relating to agriculture. 

During President Marcos’ first SONA, he highlighted the nation’s plan towards economic recovery which aims to establish the Philippines as an investment destination. Meanwhile, in his second SONA, economic priorities and achievements were highlighted, focusing on improving the agricultural sector as one of the drivers of economic growth. 

In support of these statements, Nelson added: “The Philippines remains one of the UK’s largest trading partners. To sustain this growth, we strongly support and are hoping to see the extension of those lowered tariffs and creating a more comprehensive approach within the agricultural sector that supports both the importers and the Philippine market.”

Truly, this recognition serves as a step towards an increasing business community, providing investment opportunities, and contributing to the economic cooperation between the UK and the Philippines. 

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