Phl’s second-oldest hotel bares rich history; Taal Vista Hotel remains Tagaytay’s crown jewel

The head turner and famous English Tudor Mansion-style of Taal Vista Hotel is a symbol of opulence and nobility then and now. (Photo from Taal Vista Hotel)

By Marinel Peroy 

Not many people know that more than just the favorite destination of Japanese tourists in the early ’70s till the late ’80s, Taal Vista Lodge was the home of the first Jollibee in Tagaytay City which can only be found inside their property.

Nestled in the hilly and mountainous terrain of Tagaytay City, Taal Vista Hotel has been a timeless haven for those who want to recharge or take a journey to solitude and beat the humdrum or get away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Boasting its fresh air, all-year-round cool breeze, and of course, the clean and green vicinity of the property, this is what makes Taal Vista Hotel Tagaytay’s crown jewel.

Where History Meets Hospitality

On October 7, 1939, it first opened its doors to the public. Now, Taal Vista has evolved into Tagaytay’s premier hotel, offering not only a rejuvenating ambiance and cool breeze – but also a glimpse into the past and a promise of memorable experiences.

One of the hotel’s notable moments in history is the cabinet meeting held by then Pres. Manuel Quezon within its walls. This meeting, which took place during the early years of Taal Vista, reflects the hotel’s significance as a place of importance and prestige as Tagaytay’s tourist destination. 

In February 1956, Taal Vista Lodge expanded; offering cottages, cabanas, a tea lounge, a children’s playground, horseback riding, dining rooms, and even sports facilities. Many families stayed at Taal Vista to enjoy the cool breeze and savor the breathtaking view of Taal Lake and its iconic volcano. 

As the years went by, Taal Vista continued to adapt to the evolving needs of its guests – be it for staycations, business events, and other joyous celebrations. It swiftly transitioned into a 3-star hotel, marking a new milestone in its journey.

A Grand Renovation and Expansion 

In 1999, Taal Vista closed its doors for a major reconstruction project. Fast forward to March 27, 2003, the hotel reopened its doors to the public and rebranded as Taal Vista Hotel. The reopening marked a new chapter in its history—forging its timeless beauty in Tagaytay’s hospitality industry while bringing its contemporary amenities, services, and grandeur.

In 2008, Taal Vista Hotel unveiled its “Lake Wing”, a testament to its dedication to providing top-notch accommodation to guests. This area brought over 130 guest rooms and suites, conference facilities, and amenities tailored for business functions and momentous celebrations. This expansion is the current symbol of the hotel’s evolution and commitment to exceeding guests’ and travelers’ expectations.

A Historical Hotel in the Philippines that is worth visiting

Taal Vista Hotel is more than just a vicinity for a luxurious retreat; it is a living testament to the rich history and ever-evolving nature of Tagaytay. With its excellence and multi-awarded leisure & services, the hotel remains a go-to destination for travelers and locals alike.

Hence, as we wander through the halls of Taal Vista Hotel, we are not just stepping into a luxurious abode but also immersing ourselves in a living piece of history. 

From its early days as a lodge and amazing metamorphosis into a modern sanctuary, Taal Vista Hotel continues to serve its guests — letting them experience Tagaytay’s cool breeze and the enchanting view of Taal Lake & Taal Volcano while appreciating the comforts of a world-class hotel.

Taal Vista Hotel takes pride in having the best view of the majestic Taal Volcano and Taal Lake (Photo by Nes Jardin)

With the Cavite–Laguna Expressway, traveling to Tagaytay was from 2 hours to just 45 minutes this is the very reason why it has become the favorite getaway of many families, expats, and diplomats living in Metro Manila, and Taal Vista remains their favorite home away from home.

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