LIFE MATTERS: The Majesty of the Lord


Dr. Dennis Acop

I was looking out the window. Suddenly a good feeling came over me. I felt peace and awe at the beauty beheld in front of me. I saw the blue sunny sky high up above which lifted up my spirits. I smelt the air that was so fresh and inviting reminding me of the adventure of a run scheduled later in the afternoon. I heard the chirping of the birds. My little feathered friends whose tweets never cease to put a smile on my face wherever I hear them. If they were bigger as those found near the shores I would certainly call them Jonathan. I missed my other furry friends though whom I would silently watch scurrying up a tree in search of that proverbial nut. I also know that down below those trees and bushes are my other furry friends whose rustling sounds can never be mistaken as made by other than Peter. Then I feel the wind against my face blowing off the light curtain entering the apartment and pervading the interior air. Then I beckon down to begin or continue my day grateful to be alive and whispering to myself: ‘Every day is a gift’.

Through nature I cannot but sense the majesty of the Creator of the universe. It is an uncanny feeling but distinctly unmistakable. Even for lesser creatures they possess the same sensing called instinct. How much more for the most advanced creature on the planet! And if one is searching for a more palpable reference, doesn’t even the good book utter it: ‘Be still, and know that I am God’. (Psalm 46:10). Indeed, it is in the quietest of moments and places where God is most felt. One must have faith to understand half of what I write but the world is now in the age of the holy spirit. The last prophet, the redeemer, had already come. The sensing of divine providence is no longer through flesh and bones merely but through the workings of the divine wind through all creation. It is everywhere whenever I run or walk daily at UP Diliman, Mandurah, or Wollaston. It is there when we sit in solitude under a tree in a park. When we pray at Mass or in silence.

These are but some of the things that God’s majesty does for those who seek it. It gives peace to those who are burdened. It gives hope to those about to give up. It brings joy to the melancholy. It allows calm to the weary and a beacon to the lost. And love to where there was none before. In a world full of empty promises and selfish ambition. Full of hatred, wars, and self-destruction. Where corruption holds sway over good governance, law, and order. Where greed and power have been justified in the name of pragmatism and the fallen nature of societies. Where the world is headed for another global war and does not even know it. Where the prince of darkness is rearing its ugly head in unmistakeable terms as never seen before. Finally challenging the kingdom of heaven and mystical body of Christ at Armageddon, that place between heaven and earth. Finding God’s majesty in the midst of the greatest chaos and madness of this world is the simple yet fitting answer. Where there is nothing but only God.


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