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Bread to eat for healthy back-to-school snacks for students

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Tinapayan Festival bares the back-to-school healthy snacks tailored for students. Known for its delectable soft and sweet bread, pastries, and cakes, stands fully prepared for the school year kickoff with a wide array of healthy baked offerings, Tinapayan Festival’s first bakery was a home for many students as early as 1982 and still is as they continue to carry on their 40 years journey in the baking business.

“As in-person classes resume, parents are increasingly mindful of their children’s packed meals. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of prioritizing our health. At Tinapayan, we take this responsibility seriously. Beyond creating nutritious baked goods that bolster local agriculture, we also prioritize flavors that captivate the young palate,” shares Potenciano Clarito Chavez, Tinapayan Festival’s COO for Sales and Marketing. 

Discover Snacks for the Health-Conscious Parents

It’s never easy to be parents and monitor what their children eat at school. One way to do so is by packing meals and snacks that their children can bring. Luckily, Tinapayan Festival has got these parents covered. 

Why not give their Agri-Pandesal products a try? 

Squash Pandesal

Tinapayan offers its squash pandesal, crafted using real squash known for its abundance of vitamins that contribute to heart, eyes, and colon health. 

Carrot Pandesal 

Just like the classic carrot cake, now experience the goodness of carrot in pandesal form. Tinapayan Festival presents its soft and satisfying Carrot Pandesal, a must-try delight. Packed with benefits, carrots promote eye health, combat cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, and enhance skin health, among other advantages. 

Malunggay Pandesal

Undoubtedly a crowd-favorite, the Malunggay Pandesal stands as a premier selection for those seeking a unique pandesal experience. Infused with authentics malunggay, it offers a wealth of benefits including blood pressure regulation, headache and migraine relief, and skin condition restoration. 

Sweet Potato Pandesal

Tinapayan Festival’s sweet potato pandesal is a substantial delight, brimming with genuine nutrients derived from real sweet potatoes, ensuring an authentic experience for consumers. 

Potato Pandesal 

The Potato Pandesal is reminiscent of marshmallows in softness. This wholesome bread is a good source of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. 

Another option for moms to choose from are the classic bread loaves Tinapayan Festival offers. Whether it’s their Classic Sandwich Bread that’s soft, filling, and great for creating healthy sandwiches for their kids or even paired with pancit canton, miki guisado, or the classic bihon guisado. 

Parents can also level up their children’s sandwich options with the creamiest and softest version of loaf bread available in the market with their Cream Loaf. It’s made with high protein flour, refined sugar, and powdered milk to give the soft and tasty loaf many of their patrons look for. 

Mothers and parents alike are invited to drop by any of Tinapayan Festival’s branches to grab either the Classic Sandwich Bread or the Cream Loaf that would be perfect for sandwiches their kids can take to school. 

Level up the Pabaon Game with These Baked Goodies

Another option that raises the bar in healthy snacks would be Tinapayan Festival’s Raisin Bread, their take on a traditional soft dough mixed in with bits of raisins. Sweet, filling, and definitely a great merienda treat for students in school. 

Get to elevate the snacking experience at school with Tinapayan Festival’s Wheat Bread. It’s the perfect on-the-go option and an excellent choice for school. Pair it with their children’s favorite spreads for a delicious and nutritious treat that fuels their day with whole grains and wholesome goodness. Make their snack time both delightful and nutritious. 

Upgrade sandwich making with Tinapayan Festival’s Raisin Bread and Wheat Bread options for healthy snacking at school. 

New Healthy Products Introduced

Tinapayan Festival recently introduced two new healthy products to their lineup – their Cheesy Monay, which is a scrumptious delight that’s packed with satisfying cheesy goodness inside and out, and is a rich source of vitamin D. They also have their new Milk Bread that’s infused with the nourishment of  milk. It’s the perfect school snack to fuel the growth of young ones with its array of nutrients. 

Enjoy healthy snacking with our new Cheesy Monay and Milk Bread available in all of the branches. 

As parents explore healthy snacks and meals for their kids, they can also treat themselves to authentic Batangas Kapeng Barako, available for personal enjoyment alongside these wholesome bread choices. 

The convenience of Tinapayan Festival’s health-conscious selection extends to all five stores across Metro MAnila – Manila Zoo, SM North EDSA – North Towers, Shoppesville Center in Greenhills, Riverbanks Mall in Marikina, and the main store on Dapitan St, nestled within Manila’s university belt. 

Visit Tinapayan Festival at its main branch at 1650 Dapitan St. corner Don Quijote, Sampaloc, Manila or call (02) +8 732 2188 or (63) 0933 814 4912 to place your advance bulk orders or drop by their other branches located at Manila Zoo, SM North EDSA – North Towers, Shoppesville Center, Greenhills, and Riverbanks Mall, Marikina. Send them an email at

Tinapayan Festival is also available in GrabFood and FoodPanda. To learn more about Tinapayan Festival’s soft and sweet baked products, follow them on Facebook or Instagram

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