Canada, UK and EU join in rebuking China’s provocative actions against Phl vessels

Image from the Philippine Coast Guard

Following the strong condemnation from the Philippines, the United States of America, Japan, and Australia on China’s dangerous maneuvers and illegal use of water cannons against the Philippine Coast Guard vessels, Canada, the United Kingdom and the EU joined in condemning the continued unprovoked intimidation and coercion.

In their posts, the three envoys echoed their concerns and urged China to respect the international law and stop destabilizing the region through their provocative actions.

Canadian Ambassador to the Philippines David Hartman said in his post, “Canada unreservedly condemns the dangerous and provocative actions taken by the Chinese Coast Guard against Philippine vessels on August 5th, in the vicinity of Ayungin Shoal inside the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Philippines,”
“Unsafe maneuvers and use of water cannons to disrupt the lawful operations of Philippine vessels is unacceptable, and inconsistent with the obligations of the People’s Republic of China under international law. Continuing acts of intimidation and coercion by the PRC against its neighbours undermine safety, security and stability across the region, and raise the risks of grave miscalculation.”

“Canada reiterates its support for international law, including the 2016 arbitral decision on the South China Sea, which is final and binding, and calls on the PRC to comply with its obligations under international law,” Harman said,

“Only by ensuring full respect for international law can we collectively set conditions for effective and collaborative management of maritime resources, maintenance of maritime safety and security, preservation of marine biodiversity, and respect for maritime boundaries, while ensuring the rights of all states under international law are protected,” he added.

British Ambassador to the Philippines Laure Beaufils said in her posts, “The United Kingdom shared concerns by reports of unsafe conduct towards Philippine vessels in a recent incident in the South China Sea. Such action poses serious risks to regional peace & stability. The United Kingdom stands steadfast in its commitment to international law, in particular, UNCLOS, in the South China Sea.”

Meanwhile, EU ambassador to the Philippines, Luc Véron said in his post, “Very concerned about dangerous action in South China Sea. EU stands with the Philippines in upholding the rules-based international order.”


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