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Barcelona to Host Filipina Visual Artist’s First Solo Art Exhibit ‘Courage’

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The vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain is set to host the first solo art exhibit of visual artist Elaine Antonio Bordeaux entitled “Courage” from October 5 to 26, 2023.

This highly anticipated showcase promises to captivate visitors with its profound exploration of the human spirit.

Elaine is a gifted multi-talented visual artist who infuses her artwork with elements of her life, faith, and personal beliefs. Drawing inspiration from her experiences in the United States, her rich heritage, and her commitment to the community she serves, Her creations offer a deeply personal and introspective approach.

The upcoming exhibit will feature Elaine’s remarkable sculptural works in bronze, highlighting iconic individuals celebrated for their unwavering courage and fervor for serving others. Among the prominent figures immortalized in her art are Jose Rizal, Mother Teresa, Lapu Lapu, Whang Od, and Percy Lapid, to name just a few.

Hailing from Colorado, Elaine Antonio Bordeaux is not only an accomplished sculptor but also a Filipina American lawyer dedicated to supporting immigrants and advocating for their rights. With over a decade of experience in immigration law, she has tirelessly assisted immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and abandoned immigrant children in achieving lawful immigration status in the United States.

Elaine’s commitment to the cause is exemplified through her active participation in the American Immigration Lawyers Association since 2008. As a volunteer attorney at the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network, she extends her support to indigent immigrants from South America, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and other war-torn regions seeking refugee status. Moreover, Elaine has played a crucial role in assisting numerous Filipino victims of labor trafficking in finding solace and reuniting with their families in the United States. She established the E. Antonio Bordeaux Law Office in Broomfield, Colorado, where she continues to champion the rights of immigrants.

Born in Pasay City, Philippines, Elaine pursued her legal education at San Beda College of Law and Arellano Law School before completing her Master’s degree in American Laws at Loyola Law School, New Orleans. Her expertise led her to be admitted to practice law in the Philippines in 2000 and in New York in 2008. Since then, Elaine has been a relentless advocate, dedicating her efforts to helping immigrants achieve their American dreams.

A globetrotter with a passion for speaking about social and humanitarian issues, Elaine’s art serves as a powerful reflection of her advocacy and inspiration for the communities she serves. Each piece on display in the exhibit promises to evoke awe, showcasing the diversity of life through the lenses of courage, love, beauty, and strength. With each sculpture conveying a unique story of bravery, suffering, love, and hope, visitors will be profoundly moved by Elaine’s artistic expression.

The exhibit will take place at the Philippine Consulate General of Barcelona, located at Rambla de Catalunya, 33 Planta Principal, 08007 Barcelona, Spain. Art enthusiasts and supporters of Elaine’s work are invited to join this extraordinary event, which promises to be a celebration of creativity and human resilience.

To contribute to Elaine’s art endeavors and become a sponsor of this remarkable exhibition, interested parties can find sponsorship information at For further details on Elaine’s advocacy work, please visit

Stay updated on the latest news and developments regarding the exhibit by following the social media accounts of the Philippine Consul General of Barcelona.

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