Phl launches first Pinoy developed high-power hybrid rocket

TALA team preparing the rocket for the second launch attempt (Photo from Philippine Space Agency)

TALA, the first high-powered hybrid rocket developed in the Philippines successfully lifted off at 11:57 AM Saturday from Crow Valley Gunnery Range, Capas, Tarlac. It was able to deploy its Can Satellite payload before going into fast descent and eventual deployment of its main parachute for safe landing.

TALA team with PhilSA team photo with with retrieved rocket body (Photo from Philippine Space Agency)

The rocketry team of TALA has retrieved the rocket body and is now working on the collection and analysis of launch data to determine the rocket flight details. As a hybrid rocket, TALA used both solid fuel and liquid oxidizer, which makes handling, shipping, and storage much safer. The manufacturing cost is also lower.


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