Globe confident of reaching 100% SIM registration by deadline


Leading digital solutions platform Globe has announced significant progress in its SIM registration efforts. The company has successfully registered around 85% of its active users and is confident that it can cover the rest of its revenue-generating customer base well within the 90-day extension period.

Since the deadline was extended, there has been a slowdown in SIM registration volume, which is consistent across all players in the market. Despite this, Globe remains unfazed.

“We intend to have 100% of our revenue-generating base fully registered within the 90-day extension. We are confident that we can achieve this with the initiatives that we are taking,” said Darius Delgado, Head of Globe Consumer Mobile Business.

The company has implemented various steps to make registration as easy and accessible as possible, including opening up GCash as a channel for fully verified Globe and TM users to register their SIMs with just a few clicks.  This is on top of the GlobeOne app and the microsite which are also available 24/7.

Additionally, Globe continues to operate its SIM-assisted registration booths and plans to scale up these efforts, particularly in rural areas where registration has lagged behind. The company’s 144 Stores and 25 EasyHubs across the country are also open to customers who need help registering their SIMs.

Globe is committed to ensuring its customers’ compliance with the SIM Registration Act and is working closely with local government units, groceries, and malls to set up assisted registration booths in various remote locations.  It has also been regularly joining SIM registration assistance initiatives led by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) since January.

Globe continues to appeal to the government to allow the submission of alternative IDs for SIM registration as many Filipinos still lack government IDs.

“We applaud the government for extending the SIM registration deadline, as this gives millions of our unregistered customers more time to comply with the law. But we continue to ask for conditional registration that will allow us to accept other forms of identification such as school IDs and company IDs. This will help our customers who do not yet have a government ID to register across our channels,” Delgado said.

Unregistered SIM users have until July 25 to complete their SIM registration. Globe urges its subscribers to quickly take advantage of the extended time and not wait until the last minute to register to avoid the deactivation of their SIMs.

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