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HOWIE SEE IT: Non Sequitur

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By Atty. Howie Calleja

Here’s the premise from the presidential adviser for creative communications: “The Success of the President is the Success of the Country therefore it is impossible that there wouldn’t be at least something you would agree with the President”. In basic logic, this is a classical example of the Fallacy known as NON SEQUITUR.

This fallacy of non sequitur (translated as “it does not follow”) occurs when there is not even a deceptively plausible appearance of valid reasoning, because there is an obvious lack of connection between the given premises and the conclusion drawn from them. In more informal reasoning, it can be when what is presented as evidence or reason is irrelevant or adds very little support to the conclusion. False or questionable premises could be seen as errors in facts, but they can also lead to the conclusion not following, so just keep that in mind, as well.

First and foremost, to AGREE or DISAGREE with the president is a matter of one’s personal opinion towards the President’s public policies and actions vis-à-vis the perceived impact one ascertains towards his/her life. So, to cite one’s opinion doesn’t necessarily mean that we do not wish the president to succeed. In fact, we give our opinion to the president for him to succeed. In Hegelian dialectics, a THESIS juxtaposed with an ANTI-THESIS creates SYNTHESIS.

Nation loving citizens will never criticize for the sake of criticism. We call things as we see it. Our loyalty is not to any person or president but allegiance to our flag, county and the Filipino people. We never will never criticize with the motivation for one to fail, and we will never ill-wish the president to go belly up but we cannot sit idly and clap like minions to see the lies being propagated. We cannot be silent to wrong practices or to spin of lies. The “Success” the presidential adviser for creative communications talks about should be built on the truth because any success built on lies is fake and will fall like a deck of cards.

Creative Communications to be meaningful has to be truthful. We cannot simply agree to a lie. Maybe the presidential adviser for creative communications should start explaining how can we trust a tax convict. How can the president inspire tax collection efficiency when he himself is convicted of violating the tax code and as the administrator of the family estate has not settled their 203 billion tax liability to the government to which he is now heading? And, how can the President lead with moral ascendancy with his family’s ill-gotten wealth still unresolved?

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind not agreeing to everything has to say only if it means establishing genuine “critical collaboration”. I am Filipino Citizen and not a member of the president’s cheering squad — and it is my duty to make sure to give voice to the voiceless even it means being the sole dissenter. For how can you measure true success amid the backdrop of corruption and the breakdown of the rule of law?

Show me the true face of success when finally martial law victims are paid, when the confidential funds are channeled to more transparent expenses, when political dynasties are reduced of their power, when the Maharlika fund is enacted critical of the coco levy fund scandal & central bank bankruptcy and when this president is finally willing to face the haunting realities of his Father’s Regime, then this voice of dissent may be a voice of compliment.

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