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A Habitual Manner That Could Damage Your Hearing

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Perhaps, it’s not only amongst Filipinos who have a penchant for cleaning ears with cotton buds. While this is an acceptable way to clean ears, health experts caution against the harmful habits and lifestyles that can impact hearing health and how you can avoid the risk of suffering from hearing damage.

Using Cotton Buds for Ear Cleaning

This is a common habit that most people may not know can damage hearing. Hearing health professionals advise against using cotton buds because they only push ear wax deeper into the ear, which potentially clogs the ear canal.

In the worst-case scenario, cotton swabs may accidentally puncture the eardrum, a vital part of the ear that collects sounds from the outside and then transmits it to the inner ear, allowing us to hear. With damaged eardrums, hearing loss is most likely inevitable.

Note that ears are self-cleaning organs, and ear wax prevents foreign objects from entering deeper into our ear canal. If you need to remove wax from your ears, it’s best to consult with an ENT doctor instead of doing it yourself.

Frequent and unprotected exposure to loud noises

While activities such as parties and concerts are part of enjoyable socialization, they can gradually damage your hearing if done frequently without protection. Constant and long exposure to loud noises may cause noise-induced hearing loss.

So how can you fully enjoy a concert or party without risking your hearing health? Use hearing protection devices such as earplugs to help reduce the loudness of the surroundings if exposure to loud and prolonged sounds is unavoidable. Manila Hearing Aid provides custom earplugs that you can pre-order at any of their clinics nationwide.

Smoking and excessive alcohol intake

Not only does smoking damage the lungs, but a study showed that it also affects hearing health. Nicotine reduces blood flow to the ears, which can damage the sensory cells in our inner ear that help comprehend sound.

The same applies to excessive alcohol consumption, which can contribute to hearing loss. Prolonged and excessive alcohol intake can cause damage to the brain’s central auditory cortex and may result in brain shrinkage. Because auditory nerve damage accumulates, even moderate drinkers risk nerve damage and hearing loss. 

Skipping Annual Hearing Check-ups

Regular hearing care examinations can assist you in detecting risks as early as possible. When looking for a reputable hearing care center, look no further than Manila Hearing Aid, the country’s leading hearing care solutions provider.

With their premium hearing diagnostic services performed by reputable hearing care specialists, you can be sure that you have the right partner in guiding you through your hearing care journey. Book a consultation at any Manila Hearing Aid clinic near you via

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