First IVF Facility in Mindanao Celebrates 7th Year  

Photo shows,Dr. Jeanmarie Cabrera-Salvador President, IVF Davao delivering her welcome message during the 1st IVF Baby Reunion

IVF Davao continues to celebrate life and help infertile parents realize dreams of parenthood. 

The first in-vitro fertilization (IVF) facility in Mindanao has marked its seventh year through a remarkable family day on October 23, 2022. In-Vitro Fertilization Davao,  Inc (IVF Davao) facilitated different activities anchored on the theme ‘Celebrating Life—Realizing  the Dream of Parenthood.’ 

Among the highlights of the day-long anniversary celebration was a reunion of children who were conceived through the IVF facility. Aside from fun activities that engaged families, some parents shared testimonials about how IVF Davao had helped them go through the journey to parenthood.  

IVF Davao also hosted a lay forum to discuss causes and common misconceptions about infertility. The activity featured resource speakers from IVF Davao. 

Dr. Jeanmarie Cabrera-Salvador President, IVF Davao delivering her welcome message during the 1st IVF  

Baby Reunion

“We are fulfilled to have been helping many families realize their dreams of having their own children through IVF technology,” said Lourdes Cabling, IVF Davao Medical Director. “Throughout our seven-year history, we have welcomed many couples and helped them go through the  parenthood journey with comfort, care, and utmost guidance.” 

IVF for couples 

IVF is a medical procedure wherein an egg cell and a sperm cell, extracted from a couple, are combined for fertilization within a laboratory facility. The fertilized egg or embryo is then injected into the woman’s uterus after about two weeks, inducing pregnancy. 

Dr. Maria Lourdes Cabling MedicalDirector, IVF Davao

IVF Davao is the first IVF center in the entire island region of Mindanao. Prior to its opening in  2015, most IVF facilities in the country were in Metro Manila and Cebu. IVF Davao has been providing fertility, IVF, and other assisted reproductive technology services not just for couples within Davao and Mindanao but also to aspiring parents from as far as the Sulawesi region in  Indonesia.  

IVF Davao offers assisted reproductive technology services including egg freezing, sperm  freezing, embryo freezing, testicular sperm extraction, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, and  fertility counseling. It provides a patient-centered care service and treatment for all age groups.  The center has invested in equipment to implement the newest medical technologies for fertility. 

Reproductive expertise support 

“Merck is happy to support IVF Davao, which we consider as a milestone in itself in terms of  making the technology available to more Filipino families. This is in line with our company’s commitment to building families and enabling many couples to achieve their dreams of becoming parents,” said Henry Wilson, Managing Director and General Manager of Merck, Inc.  (Merck). 

Henry Wilson, Managing Director and General Manager of Merck, Inc. (Merck). 

Merck Inc. is the Philippine affiliate of the global pharmaceutical firm Merck KGaA, a global market leader in fertility treatments. It has actively supported fertility health in the country by participating in lay discussions and disseminating disease-related information. Through its Journey to Pinoy Parenthood page on Facebook, Merck helps increase public awareness about infertility and its related health issues.  

Apart from infertility, Merck offers a variety of treatment options to challenge difficult diseases in the areas of immunology, oncology, and cardiometabolism, among other therapeutic areas. 

Infertility in PH 

Based on the 2011 study by market research firm Synovate, about 10% of Filipino couples are  infertile. That was higher compared to about 8% infertility rate in the Philippines reported in 2004  by the United Nations Development Program. 

The World Health Organization defines infertility as “failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after  12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse.”  

Medical experts cite several factors leading to infertility, including heredity, lifestyle, age, and the  overall health of a couple. 

IVF Davao is located on the Ground Floor of Brokenshire Women’s Center Building, Brokenshire  Hospital, Madapo Hills in Davao City. You may also contact the facility by telephone at (+082)  298 0311 or mobile at 0927 2019568. IVF Davao website is  


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