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Professional builders get free bamboo-based construction technology workshops from Base Bamboo Academy

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Base Bahay Foundation, Inc. (Base Bahay) has announced that it is holding a free online and in-person workshop on Bamboo Codes and Standards for interested architects, contractors, civil engineers, and professional builders this September as part of its ongoing continuing professional development (CPD) offerings through the Base Bamboo Academy.  

Accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission to conduct CPD programs for industry professionals, the Base Bamboo Academy has been conducting free learning modules for workers and professional builders such as architects and civil engineers since 2021.

This September, the training spotlight will be on Bamboo Standards: Guiding Principles and Codes behind the Cement-Bamboo Frame Technology, which will cover discussions on PNS ISO 22157: Physical and Mechanical Properties of Bamboo; PNS ISO 19624: Grading of Bamboo Culms; and PNS ISO 22156: Bamboo Structures.  The course will have both online and in-person sessions.

The Base Bamboo Academy CPD programs are key to the Foundation’s advocacy, as global leader in the bamboo-based research and technology, to propel bamboo-based technology and other alternative building technologies into the mainstream construction industry.  

For contractors, Base runs an accreditation program which, when completed, unlocks access to a series of training programs, research, and more information on the latest technology in bamboo housing and other alternative construction materials. Accredited contractors are also able to engage in construction projects with other Base partner organizations. 

For industry workers, the Academy offers TESDA-accredited programs on masonry and carpentry also cover the basics of employing Base Bahay’s signature Cement-Bamboo Frame Technology. Base’s skills training programs give workers the opportunity to earn their TESDA NC II Certifications which they can use for other projects.

Base has now trained over 300 civil engineers and architects in its CPD program and certified around 29 workers through its TESDA-accredited programs (15 certified masons and 12 certified carpenters).  

“We welcome these learning programs as we continue to look for innovative materials and construction methods to provide solutions to our housing problems and backlog in our country,” says Martin Lenin Santos, Architect and Urban Planner of the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD).

Base Bahay continues to work with different organizations engaged in building affordable yet high-quality housing solutions with Base’s Cement-Bamboo Frame Technology. To date, over 1,200 have been built with another 500 in the pipeline through ongoing builds.

“Looking at available data between 2011 and 2016, the Philippines has a huge housing backlog of 5.7 million. This translates to a need to build 2,602 homes per day over the next six years,” adds Pablo Jorillo, Base Bahay Foundation general manager. “Architects and civil engineers are key to providing resolution to this backlog. Renewal of their professional licenses requires 15 CPD units. We offer the continuous learning opportunities they need through our Base Bamboo Academy.”

Content that is taught in the Academy’s curriculum are guided by research, testing, and training conducted at the Base Innovation Center. Established partnerships with local and international universities also enrich what is taught at the Academy.

For more information on Base Bahay Foundation and Learning Programs available through the Base Bamboo Academy, visit

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