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Viber bolsters sales and engagement for retailers thru messaging tool

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As a retailer, you are no doubt looking for ways to boost sales and attract new traffic, be it foot traffic or online visitors. With more Filipinos using mobile devices to browse and purchase goods, both traditional retailers and those running e-commerce stores have been increasingly turning to messengers as a means of communicating with their audience. The advantage of this marketing channel is that retailers can connect with their customers through personalized, one-on-one communication but at the same time reach audiences at scale.

A messaging app like Viber is a versatile tool that offers many formats and types of business messages for various business needs. Retailers can make use of these three types: transactional (or service messages), promotional, and conversational (also called as sessions).

Share important information. Transactional messages are used to send your customers real-time updates on their order status. When a purchase is made online, the buyer receives a confirmation message informing them that their order has been placed and is on its way. Transactional messages are sent automatically based on triggers, such as when a user performs a certain action. You can set as many triggers as you like and keep your buyers updated throughout multiple steps of the purchase journey

Although SMS can be used for similar purposes, business messages sent via messaging apps are more flexible, functional, and—what is very important—more cost-effective. On Viber, brands can see real-time analytics on business messages, pay only for the delivered ones, and set TTL (Time to Live) to cancel or redirect time-sensitive messages that were not delivered within a certain period. If a user doesn’t have Viber or an internet connection, the message will be sent via SMS, thanks to SMS fallback function. 

Viber also allows brands to send different types of files (e.g. warranties, invoices, or booking confirmations) which is very convenient for users who can keep all the important information in a single thread without the need to switch apps or search emails.

Update about the new products. Promotional business messages are used to boost sales, advertise new products, guide customer demand, or promote special events. Messaging apps enable retailers to send one-on-one messages or communicate with whole audience segments. These promotional messages are personal and can be customized to target specific groups of people—for example, those who live in a certain area or have made a purchase in the past. 

For companies with a CDP or a CRM, messengers often have integration options: for instance, Viber offers a powerful API that allows businesses to send personalized rich media messages of up to 1000 characters, tailored to each segment of the target audience. This makes it an ideal tool for retailers who want to reach a specific audience, optimize use of promotional budgets, and—maintain a good relationship with their customer base, thanks to timely and relevant content. 

Different types of business messages for retailers

Support customers through conversations. Conversational messages allow businesses to, essentially, have real dialogues with their customers. The retail industry has been through a lot of changes in the past few years, and many of the changes, first brought on by the lockdowns, seem likely to stay. With the growth of online shopping, brick-and-mortar stores have had to work harder than ever to keep up with the competition.

But one area where they may have an advantage is in the realm of customer service: while online retailers have the benefit of being able to reach a larger audience, they often lack the personal touch and accessibility that brick-and-mortar stores can provide. 

Conversely, a brick-and-mortar seller might wish to expand its audience. This is where messengers can prove invaluable for both traditional retailers and online stores. Messaging apps allow businesses to communicate in a more personal way—at scale: they can help retailers connect with large audiences, provide them with customer service, and launch two-way conversations, ultimately leading to increased sales, processes optimization, and improved customer relations.

With 62.5% of Filipino internet users aged 16 to 64 saying that they do purchase a product or a service online weekly, it’s important for brands to expand their strategies and maximize all the tools available for them to engage every type of consumer in the funnel. Transactional, promotional, and conversational business messages like those offered by Viber allow them to respond to specific customer queries and needs in a single app, helping them strengthen this important relationship in an efficient manner. 

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