‘Tinapay King’ reveals family inspired recipes, now available at Tinapayan Festival


Recreates favorite desserts for its customers and deepens ties with the local community with the introduction of its new products

Photo shows, Philippines’ Tinapay King Lucito “Chito” Chavez, and his wife Belen at their Tinapayan Festival Bakeshop in Dapitan Corner Don Quixote, Sampaloc, Manila store (FILE PHOTO THEPHILBIZNEWS)


As a general rule of thumb, family recipes are very much guarded from being immitated, reformulated or even misrepresented to ensure that the identity, taste and other qualities unique to the recipes remain.

But not for the country’s Tinapay King, Lucito “Chito” Chavez, founder of Tinapayan Festival, who many grown-ups now recall their happy memories as students with the famous bakeshop in Sampaloc, Manila named Tinapayan Festival.

Known for their soft and sweet baked products for over 40 years, Tinapayan Festival finally added their family recipes in their product lines that will surely make the foodie Filipinos line up in their bakeshop to satisfy not just their curiosity but also to taste how the old-fashioned Chavez’ family recipes are recreated for the new generation and for those who want to feel a bit nostalgic about the traditional desserts that Chavez did not have a second thought to share.

While the bakeshop’s patrons come back for its bestsellers like ensaymada, cheese rolls, eclairs, napoleones, and its slew of over 200 baked products, nothing stops them from sharing and recreating family recipes so that more Filipinos can enjoy delectable treats made from the heart. 

Even Tinapayan Festival is celebrating its 40th year, Chito Chavez the he founder, remains hands on in his business together with his wife Belen, sons Luis and Potpot, and daugher Liberty as part of his vision to continue his legacy and also work on the succession plan for his children (FILE PHOTO THEPHILBIZNEWS)

“It was always a dream of ours to share what we have not only in the knowledge and skills in baking but as well as the family recipes we have grown to love. Our customers are very dear to us and our growth, so it is just right to share products that are inspired by our own family recipes and memories,” shares Lucito ‘Chito’ Chavez, Founder and General Manager of Tinapayan Festival and got the monicker of Tinapay King of the Philippines.

Fit for a Queen

In 2020, Tinapayan Festival offered for the first time its bestselling Queen’s Chocolate Cake, which was launched at a time when Mother’s Day was just around the corner. It is made with the finest Couverture chocolate and the highest quality cream. The team behind Tinapayan Festival answered a growing need for celebratory cakes during Mother’s Day when the Philippines underwent its first lockdown back in 2020. 

“When most of the local bakeries across Manila closed shop in 2020, we had to stay open to serve the community in need. We received a lot of inquiries for special cakes and thought why not create a premium chocolate cake befitting a queen for our deserving mothers. Using premium chocolate depicts how special our mothers are for us and we knew that our customers would love it, too,” says Potenciano Clarito Chavez, Operations Manager of Tinapayan Festival. 

Aside from it being created in honor of Queen Elizabeth, this premium chocolate cake was also made in honor of the hard work, commitment, and love the family had for Maribel “Belen” C. Chavez, one of the co-founders of Tinapayan Festival and the wife of Chito. 

Celebrating Fond Memories

It’s not enough to just celebrate with good food. Oftentimes in Filipino culture, celebrating a small or big win, a birthday, anniversary, or anything else for that matter entails having a great dessert to top of a joyous occasion. This month, Tinapayan Festival launches its Adelaida’s Torte, its special torte made of meringue with chopped nuts, filled with chocolate ganache using premium quality couverture chocolate, butter icing, and caramel, and topped off with rich butter icing made specifically for the dessert. 

Inspired and a tribute to the founder’s late mother, Adelaida “Diday” B. Chavez, who loved planting cacao beans that were later then made into local Batangas tablea the family gave out as gifts to friends and relatives back in the day. It was just recently when the Chavez family decided to create a chocolate torte taking inspiration from Nanay Diday’s love for chocolate. 

Nothing beats family recipes

Meals are much more special when based on recipes that have been passed down by ancestors. The legacy they leave behind remains in delectable treats and baked goods that leave the heart and tummy happy. 

This month, Tinapayan Festival revives its special polvoron now dubbed, Nanay Diday’s Special Polvoron, which was based on Nanay Diday’s homemade polvoron recipe and features full cream powder, which complements all the other ingredients and ensures that each flavor is tasted by consumers. 

Nanay Diday was known back in the 60s for molding polvoron using her hulma purchased in Escolta. This specific hulma was used by her family up until the late 80s and was kept as a reminder for the family for all the years Nanay Diday gave to creating handmade polvoron that she served not only to her family but to close friends as well. This time around, the bakeshop has improved on the traditional family recipe to introduce this special polvoron. 

Supporting Local Farmers

Planting has been one of Nanay Diday’s hobbies in the past. One staple agricultural product she time and time again planted and used for her recipes was the all-time Filipino favorite, ube. 

Growing up exposed to ube being incorporated and cooked as a staple dessert at home, Chito was inspired in the early 2000s to create and incorporate this agricultural crop into their soft and sweet breads at Tinapayan Festival. Two of the products they created inspired by Nanay Diday’s love for ube are Tinapayan Festival’s Ube Loaf and Ube Twirl. 

The Ube Loaf is the bakeshop’s twist to the soft and moist bread with real ube halaya, low protein flour, eggs, milk, and refined sugar. Meanwhile, the Ube Twirl features real ube halaya filling, perfect for those on-the-go and want something that’s ready and easy to eat any time of the day. 

Visit Tinapayan Festival at 1650 Dapitan St. corner Don Quijote, Sampaloc, Manila or call (02) +8 732 2188 or (63) 0961 715 2714 to place your advance orders. Send them an email at sales@tinapayan@gmail.com.

Tinapayan Festival is also available in GrabFood and FoodPanda. You can also place bulk orders in advance and follow them on Facebook or Instagram


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