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Tinapayan Festival Offers To-Go Snacks for Back-to-Work Professionals

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Eliminate the hassle of meal preps with readymade and filling bread products

As many have started heading back to the office, the long lines for commute, early call-times, and hustle and bustle of city living take more hours than anticipated. While many rush to the office and have no time to spare to dish up a meal for the day, Tinapayan Festival is here to save the day with its various to-go bread options that are filling, flavorful, and baked fresh for the daily consumer. 

“We know how busy Filipinos are when it comes to work, most especially now that majority have started to report back to the office. They wake up early to get a head start, and oftentimes, will not have the time to prepare a meal that they can bring with them to the office. At Tinapayan, we have created several to-go bread options that feature Filipino favorites like bacon, cheese, ham, and hotdogs. Perfect for breakfast, snack, or even lunch,” shares Potenciano Clarito Chavez, Tinapayan Festival Operations Manager. 

Tinapayan Festival, a local bakeshop in Manila offering soft and sweet baked products for over 40 years, has considered what was important to Filipinos when it comes to bread products – flavorful yet filling portions. 

Delectable Snacks To-Go

With over 200 products under its belt, Tinapayan Festival shares 11 of its top bestselling to-go snacks that are a perfect fit for those commuting:

Try their Bacon Cheese Bread that perfectly captures bacon and cheese flavors in every bite. Moist, soft, and heaty, this bread is for those looking for the right amount of savory flavors in every bite. 

For those seeking for a lighter bite, Tinapayan Festival’s Bacon Spring Onion is your go-to bread that packs both bacon and spring onion flavors with every bite. 

A softer and cheesier option is the bakery’s Cheese Pimiento Bread fit for those seeking for a no-meat option yet still have that cheesy texture and flavor in a snack. Satisfying, filling, and something Filipinos look for most of the time. 

(L-R) Bacon Cheese Bread, Bacon Spring Onion, and Cheese Pimiento Bread all for the taking at Tinapayan Festival

If the craving is for something heavier, then the Ham & Cheese Pimiento is the best bet. With a mixture ham and cheese pimiento, enjoy a burst of savory goodness with every bite. Definitely a must-try for those looking for something heavier to eat. 

They also have their Cheesy Dog that is a great option for those looking for bite-sized hotdogs in every bite, topped off with melted cheese. Cheesy and meaty in every bite. 

Also enjoy Tinapayan Festival’s Ham & Cheese Roll that many of its customers have been coming back to for the past few years. Enjoy bits of cheese and ham all within this delightful roll. 

Ham and Cheese Pimiento and Cheesy Dog

For a more substantial serving of a snack, the bakeshop’s Ham Corn Bread is the perfect snack. Delicious ham bits mixed within the corn bread. Enjoy every bite. 

Melted cheese sounds just about right with Tinapayan Festival’s Ham Quickmelt featuring delicious quick melt cheese and bits of real ham on a soft bread. A must-try, indeed. 

Another option is the Ham Split that comes with real pieces of ham folded in between with the bread. Full of flavors and texture in every bite. If what the craving is for more meat, then choose the Ham-Dog Split that is similar with the Ham Split but with added bits of hotdogs to level up the experience – heavy, tasty, and just the right flavors to keep the belly full. 

Ham Corn Bread, Ham Quickmelt, Ham Split

Enjoy strong hotdog flavors with Tinapayan Festival’s Hotdog Roll made with the consumers’ cravings in mind. Bite into a sweet and tasty soft roll with a hotdog sandwiched in the middle, no frills, just the meat and flavors. 

Also get to try the Mayo-Dog Roll, a moist and soft roll featuring combined flavors of hotdog and mayonnaise, the perfect combo for breakfast or merienda

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Ham Dog Split, Hotdog Roll, Mayo-Dog Roll

Select any of these to-go snacks and bread products, pop them in the toaster and oven, and get to enjoy delicious and filling snacks and breakfast meals on-the-go. Save time and effort everyday by choosing Tinapayan Festival’s go-to snacks and bread options. 

Visit Tinapayan Festival at 1650 Dapitan St. corner Don Quijote, Sampaloc, Manila or call (02) 8732 2188 or (63) 09617152714 to place your advance orders. Send them an email at

Tinapayan Festival is also available in GrabFood and FoodPanda. You can also place bulk orders in advance. To learn more about Tinapayan Festival’s Mother’s Day products and treats, follow them on Facebook or Instagram

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