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Mekeni marks 2022 with new heights, unveils flagship factory marketplace, new product lines

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Brandishing Mekeni Marketplace, the flagship outlet of the Pampanga-based food manufacturing company to cater to the growing demand for Mekeni products

Mekeni Food Corporation made a big leap forward as it embarked on a major brand refresh, strengthening its position as a homegrown family brand in the Philippines.

Kicking off 2022 is the rollout of Mekeni’s new brand packaging, product lines, and a new campaign song that reflects the brand’s heritage and core values. With this brand refresh, Mekeni shows how the homegrown brand from Pampanga, continues to serve Timplang Atin to Filipino families for more than three decades.  

“Welcoming 2022 with new branding signals a new era for us at Mekeni. We wanted to send a clear message that we are evolving, innovating, and growing with our customers. Today, more than ever, we want to assure our customers of the quality and taste that we bring to the table reflected throughout this new brand experience we have created. It is a Timplang Atin experience leveled up to cater to our customers’ changing needs,” said Mekeni President Pruds S. Garcia.

New look but still the same family specialties that you love

Starting with the packaging, Mekeni launched its new design with bold colors and appetizing photos of the products. “With this new visual identity, we will be able to create a stronger brand image in the market. We wanted to get the consumers’ attention right away by putting the spotlight on our products and the new product lines, front and center,” said Garcia.

The new packaging featured the new product lines namely Mekeni Gold, Mekeni GoLite, Mekeni Specials, and Mekeni Suki Choice. Under these new categories are various Mekeni products that Filipino families love. 

Mekeni Gold products are specialties made of high-quality meat and premium ingredients, carefully selected to deliver nothing but the best to everyone in the family. One of the premium products included in this line is Garlic Longanisa, a native viand well-loved by Filipinos that is made from premium pork and peppered with garlic and other spices.

Meanwhile, Mekeni GoLite products are those that consumers can enjoy guiltlessly, without compromising on taste and affordability. These products, which are healthier alternatives to the usual ones, are prepared and processed with the Filipino’s health in mind. The products under this category include gluten-free Chicken Longanisa, zero trans-fat Yogurt Sausage, and fatless Pork Tocino.

As for the Mekeni Specials, these are the Mekeni specialty brands that are meant to make each meal even more remarkable. It has the widest array of products that shows how Mekeni is committed to serving great-tasting family specialties all day. Among the Mekeni Specials are the Classic Pork Tocino and the Tamis-Alat Pork Tocino that has the right balance of sweet and salty flavors, as well as the Beef Tapa, Skinless Longanisa, Sweet Ham, Chicken Nuggets, and Sisig.

And lastly, Mekeni Suki Choice is composed of tasty and budget-friendly products that Filipinos can serve at home every day. This range includes All Day Bacon, Sliced Bologna, and Luncheon Meat.

Apart from these, Mekeni’s flagship hotdog brand, Mekeni Picnic Hotdog, had new packaging designs.

“This year, we wanted to show a more cohesive look and feel through the brand refresh. We also aimed to highlight that though we have preferences, there is a Timplang Atin favorite from Mekeni to satisfy that,” shared Garcia.

New brand jingle to sing and dance along with

Along with the new brand visuals, Mekeni also launched a new campaign jingle and video that embody the brand’s attribute of bringing world-class quality and flavors to every Filipino home. 

The 2-minute song takes consumers on a high-energy journey with its danceable beat and easy-to-remember lyrics. With the jingle, Mekeni showcases why Mekeni is the consumer’s brand of choice when it comes to variety, quality, and taste.

Brandishing the renovated Mekeni Marketplace, the flagship outlet of the Pampanga-based food manufacturing company to cater to the growing demand for Mekeni products

A Mekeni Marketplace for everyone

Just last year, Mekeni formally opened its newly renovated flagship factory outlet in Porac, Pampanga. Called the Mekeni Marketplace, the store stands in the same place where founders Felix and Meding Garcia first envisioned the family business.

The renovated store offers Mekeni’s family favorites from hotdog to longanisa. It also has sections for ready-to-cook and fresh meat products that are perfect for every Filipino family meal.

The all-new Mekeni Marketplace has furnishings and elements that exude a refreshing and homey vibe. Its sleek and modern design is complemented with spacious pathways and a waiting area that allowed safe and convenient shopping for the customers. It radiates the simple yet warm Filipino hospitality that the brand identifies with.

A new chapter for Mekeni

Aside from these changes, one of Mekeni’s feats this first quarter of 2022 is the introduction of select street food products in the US. Last month, Mekeni announced that its Kikiam and Fish Balls are now available in Island Pacific Supermarket, a Filipino-American supermarket chain with 17 branches across California and Nevada. With its authentic Pinoy flavor, it brings Filipinos in the US back home.

The last couple of years has been tumultuous for companies like Mekeni. With the restrictions brought by the pandemic, many of its plans were halted. However, the silver lining to this is that Mekeni was able to reflect on their mission.

“The opening of Mekeni Marketplace, launching of our new packaging, and availability of our street food products in the US have set the pace for us in introducing the brand in a new light this year. These changes symbolize that amid all the challenges we are currently facing, we are not losing sight of our mission to continue to uplift the lives of our communities,” Garcia closed.

To know more about Mekeni’s newer and fresher look, visit the official Mekeni Facebook page

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