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THE CATALYST: 21 #refLEXions from 2021

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By Felix C. Veroya

2021 is about to end and all we have are lessons we learned after a year. Here are my 21 #reflexions from 2021 
1. Family must always come first.
2. Put your money in things that will earn.
3. When tired, rest and recharge but never quit.
4. No matter what life throws at you, always be resilient and move forward.
5. There is no such thing as failures, only lessons learned.
6. Think differently if you want to achieve results.
7. Mind your health as equally important as many other things.
8. Difficult situations separate true friends from the rest.
9. Loyalty is such a trickery – be mindful of who you share it with.
10. Collaboration is one key to success in this age.
11. You will never know what the results could be if you will never take risks.
12. It will always seem impossible until you take the first step.
13. Ignorance costs a fortune.
14. You always have a choice to do good to people around you especially those in need.
15. Lifelong learning is a skill everyone must learn to stay relevant.
16. Building good relationships is one of the fundamental things one must learn.
17. You will not always get what you want at the time you want it but it is always worth trying it again.
18. It is never a “No.”, just a “Not Now.”
19. Sharing what you can is the best measure of one’s success.
20. By capitalizing on our personal strengths we can achieve more.
21. Never cease praying to Him.

Let’s continue to be #significantlybetter together this 2022 
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