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Airbnb’s design predictions for 2022, inspired by TikTok

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TikTok has revealed some trending design buzzwords used by its community of creatives – and Airbnb is seeing these same buzzwords being used by its community of Hosts

As we round out the year, Airbnb has partnered with TikTok to identify new design trends for 2022[1]. Looking at home decor buzzwords used by TikTok’s huge community of creatives, Airbnb has ranked the trends according to the number of times they appear on Airbnb listings. Here are TikTok and Airbnb’s design tips for 2022:

1. Cottagecore

Topping the list is Cottagecore, which is an aesthetic that appears in the descriptions of over 110K listings[2] on Airbnb. According to TikTok, the buzzword is quite new — appearing as a hashtag on their platform in recent years. Since then, TikTok has seen the hashtag take off, possibly due to the uplift in crafting since the start of the pandemic. The aesthetic embraces the idea of living a simple, rural lifestyle, utilizing materials like patterned vintage wallpaper, floral upholstery and wood.

American Heritage Home in BaguioAwesome Bed and Breakfast in Baguio

2. Seasonal decor

It wouldn’t be the holidays without seasonal decorations. According to TikTok, videos featuring tablescapes and quirky fall decor were their most popular posts during this holiday season. Earthy colors and natural products like dried fruits, canvas, cinnamon and twine are used in table setting demos from many in the TikTok community. Dried fruit is also highlighted by TikTok creators as a way to celebrate the holidays more sustainably. On Airbnb, there are almost 90K listings that use seasonal descriptions like Thanksgiving, Christmas and seasonal.[3]

Log Cabin in BaguioCozy Industrial House in Tagaytay

3. Eclectic Nostalgic

An abundance of objects, shapes, and bright colors are key identifiers in eclectic interior design videos on TikTok which, according to the social media platform, have seen rising popularity in the latter half of 2021. Some creators employ a nostalgic, 70’s and 80’s disco vibe with their eclectic interiors to be more eye-catching. On Airbnb, listings featuring words like disco, eclectic, nostalgic, 70’s and psychedelic appear in over 50K listings.[4]

Two-bedroom townhouse with gameroom in Pampanga70’s themed Luxury Condoin Manila

4. Botanical

The craze for potted plants shows no signs of slowing down: the green thumb community on TikTok has grown significantly over the past year and the hashtag #PlantTok has amassed a total of 1.6B views according to the social media platform. A major trend in the TikTok community is to complement dreamy, eclectic aesthetics with a collection of indoor plants. On Airbnb, almost 45K listings make use of botanical buzzwords such as monstera, potted plants and lush.[5]

Sampaguita Villa in El NidoCasa Esperanza in Lucban

5. Maximalism

Over the past year, TikTok has seen interior design and decor videos on its platform veer away from sleek minimalism towards maximalist styles. Creators on TikTok have defined their homes by collecting unique artifacts and thrifting vintage items that reflect their personalities. An offshoot of the trend is ‘vintage maximalism’, which features thrifted gems and more of a throw-back aesthetic. On Airbnb, over 35K listings include maximalism keywords  (‘velvet’, ‘mixed patterns’, ‘animal prints’ & more) in their descriptions.[6]

Leo’s Secret Villa in ManilaCoq Blue Homestay in Baguio

6. Gothic

Gothic embraces a whole subgenre of styles including ‘gobinlincore’ and folk and, according to TikTok, it is becoming especially relevant within self-identified communities such as ‘witchtok’. There are almost 19K listings on Airbnb using key gothic terminology in their descriptions.[7]

Art Loft and Skyline Garden in MakatiBatman Townhouse in Cebu

7. Grandmillenial

According to TikTok, the hashtag #grandmillenial was first used on the platform in 2020. A portmanteau of grandma and millennial and coined by creators with a more traditional ‘grandparent’ style, grandmillenial is one to watch out for. Creators say it may be a rebellion against previously popular sleek, minimalist styles. Central elements to this style include thrift, patterns, needlepoint and chintz. On Airbnb, there are over 14K listings that include grandmillenial buzzwords in their descriptions.[8]

The Den Vacation House in BatangasEiwa Nest in Zambales

8. Sustainable

According to TikTok, videos using the hashtag #zerowaste have clocked up 1.6B global views on their platform. TikTok creators share their tips to reduce their household waste by recycling products unlikely to biodegrade, or replacing them altogether with reusable items. Meanwhile, on Airbnb, homes that mention sustainable features, such as energy efficiency, energy saving and biomass are growing at a rate of more than 15% higher than other listings on Airbnb.[9]

The Lake House in CavintiTarzan’s Treehouse in Siargao

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*All stays referenced are intended purely to inspire and illustrate. Airbnb does not recommend or endorse specific stay or experience listings on the Airbnb platform.

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