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LIFE MATTERS: Contrasts — Our Two Worlds

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By Dr. Dencio Acop (Ret. Col.)

What’s happening to the world? We actually see two worlds existing side by side but are starkly in contrast with each other in every respect. The divide is getting worse each day that a middle ground or gray area seems created by the two opposing worlds if only to make sense of the ever-expanding confusion caused by the overlapping of these two worlds. On closer look though, the confusion disappears as either a dominant white or black dissipates the gray revealing the reality for what it really is: this or that world.

One world is a world of lies led by the greatest liar of all. One who is also meanest, vile, and morally lost. Owing to the culture developed from the leader of this world, enough people of the same character fill this world presenting an alternative that claims to right a dysfunction but are in reality a purported cure worse than the disease. This world eliminates the poor while claiming to stand by them. This world mouths the rule of law while it violates it at whim. This world claims to eliminate criminals and crooked politicians but is actually merely getting rid of the competition. This world has no respect for the moral code much more the legal ones because it does not believe in the One True God. Its words and actions, therefore, are devoid of any virtue and in fact, serve to identify its very nature — that it is the world of Satan. And its followers and enablers are satan’s cohorts in the harvesting of unwitting souls that not even purgation can save. Unless and until they all see the light. As the holy scriptures warn, you can identify them through their words and deeds that reveal the true nature of the beast within them.

Another world is full of the victims of the preceding world. It is riddled with the bodies of people killed because they are poor and sick. Along with those of people who stand in the way of that world. This world is that of people who live in shanties beside palatial houses inside gated, guarded communities. The people in this world hardly eat three meals a day and would rejoice when given a pair of hand-me-down shoes from the surpluses of the rich. (Thanks to charity!). The people in this world are uneducated because they have no money and are therefore merely played and exploited by the rich and powerful for their own ends. Although many in this world pray to God for deliverance from their poverty and suffering, many still are simply too busy surviving to even care to pray. The good thing about this world is that it also attracts the best in the human spirit giving those who wish to save their souls the opportunity to do so. In fact, since this world relishes in sustainment than destruction, it has encouraged those who can to help those who cannot through every facet of human endeavor: health, education, faith, security, governance, livelihood, transport, communications, power, other technologies and amenities, and even entertainment. This world is composed of the honest who do not steal. It is a world that does not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do. This world is honest enough to admit shortcomings and failures but also strives to do better and not hide behind lies and more lies. It gives credit where credit is due and punishes where punishment is due. It does not promote individual aggrandizement but rejoices in serving the common good, preserving national sovereignty, and safeguarding the nation’s territories. It is a world that promotes the sanctity of life and the marital bond, unites the family as the basic unity of society, and fights the forces that disrupt these fundamental values. It is a world that respects the rule of law, promotes the cause of world peace, and allows the observance of faith which inspires human rights and the fulfillment of self-determination. It is a world that leads to life even beyond death while the other world is one that leads to physical death and eternal damnation of the human soul.

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