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From ‘Sweet Dreams’ to ‘Sweet Reality’

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In photo: Some of the delicious pastries done by Cakes and Memories
By Alithea De Jesus

The renowned author of the book ‘Children Learn What They Live’, Dorothy Law Nolte underscored that the development of the character of a person is developed through the examples of his or her parents.

And for Alan Caballes, as a child, he used to join his father in delivering their goods to the community. The Cebuano family is engaged in cakes and pastries established by hobbyist mom, Janet, in Cavite since 2000. With its delicious reputation, the store thrived and customers grew steadily. 

Alan Caballes owner of Cakes and Memories – Cebu 

In high school, Alan already sent out the products himself. He experienced the crumbles in rocky roads, damaging the delights, and learned lessons. This has taught Alan to become more careful and then hands-on with the venture. 

With the family’s hopes of taking the taste of sweet memories to the hometown, they have decided to expand the business and establish a branch in Cebu in 2010.  

But in 2014, sweets turned sour when a sad memory happened to the family as Alan’s older brother died. His parents decided to settle in Cebu and Alan followed thereafter. The business owner was also transferred to him the year after. 

While remotely handling its main branch in Cavite, a second store in Cebu was established in 2016.  

Cakes and Memories has joined commemorations of different events of Cebuano families to include weddings, birthdays and baptismal. The business is also the first and premier supplier of 3D projection cake mapping in Cebu City. 

Alan’s proprietorship has been even more validated as he joined DTI’s Kapatid Mentor Me program. This has allowed him to review the ins and outs of the business, pricing and costing, and sales. 

Though the pandemic has put a chain to the doors of their first branch in Cebu, the other branches were sustained thru e-Commerce. Alan has then reviewed his business model canvas and shifted to doing business online to continuously share the sweet memoirs. 

To date, Cakes and Memories has tripled its employment and doubled its revenue. The business has continued to realize its mission. With every piece of cake, today’s moments become tomorrow’s memories. 

For orders, you may reach them via their Website: and social media accounts including Facebook page: Cakes and Memories – Cebu and Instagram: @cakesandmemoriesstudio. For more information on local products and produce proudly made from Cebu, visit DTI Cebu Facebook page.

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