By Dr. (Ret.) Col. Dencio Acop

There is truth in honesty. It is in fact even truer than truth itself. For a man may not have all the truths. But if he is at least honest about it, then that is really all we can ask of him. I would just like to write more about honesty in this little column today. What it is. What it does.

Honesty is living out the truth in one’s life. In words. In action. Though some would argue more for action than words. I happen to be one of them. Not that I don’t believe too much in words. Because I do as you can read from this column. But action indeed speaks louder than mere words. Action is words in silence. Unknown to many or most. Un-edified. Un-acknowledged. But pure. In its intent. Brutally un-poignant in its execution. Sacred in its anonymity. But spiritual and selfless in its totality. In essence, it is love personified. The one essential matter that holds all fabric together. In everything. Everywhere. Timeless. Unmistakable. Blameless.

Honesty makes decent families. It is unmistakable as it is admirable in the husband who truly loves his wife and is ever so faithful to her. In the wife who continues to love her husband despite his many shortcomings. Honesty breathes through the words and actions of parents who model love, hard work, perseverance and patience, humility, and selflessness to their children even when youth is wasted on the young. There is honesty in fathers and mothers who give all to their children until there is no more to give. Extending to relatives and friends including those who do not deserve their honesty. Radiating to public, military, or private service where this value of selfless truth still holds sway in the face of so much worldliness and selfish taking. Bowing to the Power beyond self that sustains all truth even if that road is much less travelled than all the honesty proclaimed.

Honesty makes a decent life. Ask the mother who just talked to her favorite son. The father who noticed the crack in his daughter’s voice. Converse with the older brother who just lied to his younger sibling. Listen to the sobs of a wife who has long been cheated on by a husband who promised the heavens and the earth. Hear the confession of a parent or clergy who abused a child or a victim who was honest to dishonesty. View the mumblings of corrupt politicians who made a mockery of honest representation and public service. To demagogues who are dishonest as dishonesty can get before the least, last, and the lost who are in need of honesty the most. To caretakers of the soul who claim honesty to God but guide dishonesty to the flock. To every human being who hides behind the truth of dishonesty, than live in the light of courageous, righteous truth. Every soul who makes decency of dishonesty. Never the way of honesty. For honesty always makes a decent life.


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