BUSINESS MENTOR: The Pros and Cons of Running a Home-based Business


By Armando “BUTZ” Bartolome

The necessity for most stay-at-home-moms to join the workforce may seem to be increasing as the economic condition continues to plunge. And to run a family at the same time makes it more difficult for mothers to truly take it into consideration. The worry of not being able to attend to the immediate needs of the children, particularly younger children would always make mothers feel like always between crossroads. But, considering how difficult it could be to make both ends meet these days, which should be the right road to choose.

For the past years, you may have noticed how much it has been quite in demand for how home-based jobs have prospered. For sure, you have known someone who has been successful in being a Mompreneur. Most of these successful moms have started building a small business in the comforts of their own homes. To juggle household chores, taking care of small children and to be busy with their home-based business has made mothers be the best multi-taskers in the world.

The stay-at-home-moms are not the only ones who have considered working at home. From making crafts to online jobs, these have become the most common home-based jobs since 2010.

Probably doing business at home for a start may have become the most convenient way of earning a few bucks that would help with the daily needs of the family. However, if one would want to continue the business for a long time, there may be some thoughts on how to get things started the right way.

The Pros and Cons of A Home-based Business

Whether you are a home-based small business owner that works full time or someone who splits his time to work occasionally, there are always two sides to consider. And it is all up to you if you will defy the odds or be weakened by the struggles that may come your way in the future. Remember, that having a home business may not be for everyone. Therefore, before you start spending to set-up your home business, here are a few tips to help you decide.


  1. There is no need to worry about having to travel and get caught in traffic.
  2. Working from home allows you to work during your most productive times.
  3. You don’t need to worry about what you have to wear unless you need to talk to a client via a video call.
  4. Distractions can be found everywhere. But working at home, you may be able to somehow control all these compared to having to shush co-workers in the office.
  5. You save money from having to commute or pay for gas.
  6. The workload you have at the office may make you feel always stressful. But when working at home, you can be able to control your stress level and you can easily just walk away to breathe some fresh air.
  7. It can help to have a more balanced life since you can still somehow do things you need to do at home while being able to do business.


  1. You need to establish self-discipline. Your work, being only at home, may make you feel lazy at times. There should be enough motivation to get you started every day.
  2. Although some would rather work alone, being constantly alone may make you feel lonely and isolated.
  3. You may not have the ability to know when to stop working for the day.  Being at home may make you work more than you really need.
  4. While making your home as a convenient place to do your work or business, your home may slowly feel like a real home.
  5. You may be doing the best that you can to earn the trust of your clients. But, not being to see them face-to-face may make it difficult to establish the connection. Your clients/customers may not find your home very professional.
  6. You may need to gain more knowledge about your work/business by making an extra effort compared to being with co-workers whom you can throw in ideas that all of you can talk about and learn altogether.

Things to consider prior to setting up your home-based business

If you think that starting your own home business will be more convenient for you, make sure that you take note of the following:

  1. Your skills and knowledge about the business
  2. The right equipment
  3. Your home situation
  4. Personal character traits

You must decide on a kind of business that you know you are capable of handling and that you have the right mindset in starting that business. You must be firm with your decision once you have started your business. Wasting time and effort is the last thing you would want to do.

How To Make Your Home-based Business Successful

If you feel you have been discouraged to start your own home-based business after reading the disadvantages, think again. There is always a solution to every problem.

Home-based business owners just need to always have these in mind:

  1. Learn to set rules even for just yourself. Instill discipline in a way that would always make you want to work as if you are working in an office. Never become too lax in doing the necessary.
  2. Being alone may just be as helpful as being around with other people. How? Instead of sulking in a corner and feel miserable about being alone, why not make your time more productive? Think of ways on how you can improve your relationship with your clients.
  3. We know how some customers can be too demanding. If they know that you are just working from your home, they would think that you are available 24/7. Set your limitations by informing them to transact only during business hours. After all, you also need some time to yourself and with your family.
  4. You don’t need to make your home entirely look like an office. Just use a certain part of the house where you can do your business. Make your family feel that you still have a home and have not been invaded by an outsider who has pushed them out of their own house.
  5. Minimize distractions by establishing your office in a spare room or quiet corner that can be dedicated strictly to the business.
  6. Home business can be truly convenient. But, to make yourself successful in whatever kind of business you have created, you also need to increase your credibility by making yourself visible. It would be easier for your clients and future clients to put trust in you when they see the face behind the business that they are dealing with.
  7. You should not stop learning new things. If you must, join workshops, seminars, and conventions that will help you improve your business.

Starting small is a wise idea- less money to start with, fewer worries. But, if you think that the business you have started has potential, particularly when your clients provide you with positive feedback, take it as your stepping stone in taking your business to the next level.
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