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UNCENSORED: America is “burning”

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By Manuel L. Morato

There is no more democracy in the U.S. for Democracy in the U.S. is weak.  There are those who abuse it.  The rowdy group must remember that freedom is NOT free.  For it to be free, there are rules to follow for freedom to be free.  Thus, freedom is not absolute.

The Philippines must not make “gaya.”  We are a third world citizen but we must always bear in mind that we are first, citizens of the world.

In the U.S. as things are today, there are approximately 22 States that have joined lawlessness; 35 cities have disobeyed propriety disregarding law and order.  Mob mentality reigns instead of good reasoning.  Those who misbehave have the mob mentality; and are not using good reasoning.  They become as bad as what they pretend to be fighting for.  They are not any different than what they are fighting against.  And most importantly, the rowdy and undisciplined rioters are to blame for the “spike” of the Coronavirus/COVID 19.  President Trump had cautioned the public to exercise with the utmost care while he consented to open up the business to save the economy.  But these rioters who were enticed by the Democrats screwed it all up.  You, rioters, are to blame if the Coronavirus/COVID 19 intensifies once again.

I admit that no one has a monopoly on a solution.  Everyone must contribute to the solution.  Do what is right. Gawin ninyo ang tama. Don’t be carried away by low thinking individuals who have nothing to lose in life for by nature, they were born to be bad.  There are indeed those kinds of “homo sapiens.”

Right-thinking individuals together might be able to contribute to the solution.  Do what is right.  Gawin mo ang tama, no matter how difficult it might be to do.  But it’s the only way.  For example, a true statesman has the interest of the country.

The world as a whole; and our country in particular have politicians as described today who ALWAYS have self-interest somewhere along the way.  Politicians must have an interest in a greater good, not self-interest for himself in particular.

* * * * *

Let me go back in time to my student days in America.  I know the U.S. in its better times.  I was interned in Jesuit schools for high school and college.  One of the appointees of President Trump to the Supreme Court is my co-alumnus in Georgetown Preparatory School in Garrett Park, Maryland, the most exclusive school for boys in the United States with only some 200 students, now Associate SC Justice Neil Gorsuch, appointed by President Trump on April 10, 2017.

In those days, the Jesuit discipline and education was strict but right.  When I pursued my college in another Jesuit University – Loyola University of Los Angeles (now Loyola-Marymount), I was an interned and lived on campus for four years, as I was in Georgetown Prep School.

America was then peaceful in a way; but segregation could still be felt.  There was one evening on a weekend that I was invited to a dinner party and faced the martial law declared in the Watts District of Los Angeles.  I was caught right in the middle of the riot and got out as fast as I could that evening.  I really did not know.  I just found myself in the middle of the huge demonstration gathered on the road.  I was driving my car and maneuvered myself on the side streets leading to the entrance to the freeway and drove back to the dorms on the campus of Loyola University.  That was sometime in the 1950s.

* * * * *

America should bring out the good in them, more so in times of tragedies.  One wrong is not corrected by another wrong.  It is said that the demonstrators are now paid 15 dollars per hour by those fomenting anarchy, more so now which is an election year.  It is said that the Democrats are behind these mayhems practically all over the country with one purpose in mind – to put down President Trump; and according to Evangelists’ reports, it was Mr. Soros and his group who are paying and funding the rioters.  They are paid hacks.

* * * * *

I find it rather irritating to hear the slogan “Black Life Matters.”  Of course, this God-given life matters for all colors – brown, black, white, yellow, purple, orange… pick the color you wish.

It is not only the black that is being killed in America.  All colors have suffered as well including the whites because of offenses committed, and because of some mentally deranged individuals.  I wish to suggest that the “Gestapo-type” training of some policemen be corrected.  The message I wish to pass on is for all to be humane for we are all born in the likeness of God, our Creator – not by an Orangutan!

These problems have been happening ever since when the Democrats maintained from the start of American history keeping the blacks as slaves that could be bought and sold like a piece of meat.  For that reason, I have no respect for the Democrats who’d always felt superior to the others – to this day.  They shout racism against their enemies in politics for the Democrats have always felt superior when they are not.  But that ugly line seems to be the “national anthem” of some crazy Democrats.  Notice that they are easy to blame President Trump a racist to slide off their guilt from their system.

If America is in a mess, it is not because of Trump.  It’s because of the crazy Democrats who camouflage their real biases just to be back in power.  It is the Democrats who removed the teaching of religion in schools when God is the Center of American society as shown in their coins and paper bills: “In God we trust.”  When the Democrats removed the teaching of the words of God in schools, American society dropped to the level of an ordinary species.

I remember the Americans in the 1950s and 60s as religious people and charitable to those in need.  But all that has changed a lot since the Democrats removed the teaching of religion in school and did not give importance to our Almighty God, our Creator, when the Democrats are/were in power.  They destroyed the image of America.  The open migration during the Democrats in power made things worst.  Bad elements entered the U.S. 

According to information, former VP Biden did nothing spectacular during Obama’s term but to play the role of a “lady in waiting,” a spare tire.

President Trump is being criticized for calling on the National Guard to assist as it was quite obvious no one could stop the police brutality; and the rioters.  Is there anything wrong in sounding off the National Guards to help control the mob?

There is one big lesson to learn from these wild riots caused by the alleged killing of George Floyd.  The reaction of the “Black Life Matters” caused more damage to the innocent citizens who had nothing to do with the killing of George Floyd, but whose businesses establishments were burnt, vandalized, looted and destroyed including so many vehicles.  Did all those dastardly acts give them distorted “pleasure” and “satisfaction”?

What did those innocent people do to suffer so much in the killing of George Floyd?  Please tell us.  It was a senseless act of some crazy people who might have wanted a higher pay from their leaders who paid 15 dollars per hour to participate in the riot.  Those goons must have wanted to be paid more to burn cars and business establishments, churches, etc… most probably identified with the Democrats; or probably to impress the Democrats more in exchange for higher pay.

Mr. Trump is right.  What the hell were the governors doing when they could have exercised their powers?  They were not seen doing their job.  They didn’t lift a finger to calm down the goons, paid hacks and rioters for hire.  Why?  Because they are Democrats and want to put down President Trump?

It was only right for President Trump to think of the National Guard if things worsened and got out of control.  It clearly showed that the Governors, the police did not lift a finger.  Neither did the Mayors of all the cities invaded by the rioters who preferred to be called “demonstrators.”  That’s too elegant for goons and rioters who burnt cars, stores, shops… to be called.

I commend President Trump for foreseeing what lies ahead if things turned out of control.  The police were under attack and totally disrespected and hated.  There was one force reserved that can control: The National Guard. 

God bless you, President Trump for bringing back the Almighty God into the American society before it perishes.  Your opponent, former VP Joe Biden does not have the guts to do it, neither the Obamas.

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