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UNCENSORED: Harvey Weinstein

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By Manuel L. Morato

To change the topic for a little breather away from the Coronavirus/COVID 19.

Was Harvey Weinstein really guilty of third-degree rape?  He was charged with 400 sexual encounters with women who wanted to be movie stars.  It happens everywhere.  But rape?  400 of those who cried “rape” were no longer “rapable” for they have gone through the “grinder”; meaning to say, it was an ordinary thing for them until they all blamed a multibillionaire from whom they can get something.

These kinds of cases are like a broken record, especially coming from very liberated women who want publicity and fame – if they do not still have wrinkled faces and torsos.

No matter how we look at it, it’s so hard to believe that a man like Harvey Weinstein who can hardly walk to the courthouse, using his wheelchair as a walker.  He was practically crawling to the courtroom.

Many rich men have been victimized by such kind of women.  President Donald Trump is one of them.  When those “witches” started surfacing during the campaign period which was obviously planned to destroy then-presidential candidate Trump.

Frankly, it did not sit well with the onlookers for there were women who yelled “raped” by then Mr. Trump whom you and I would not even look at for being very ordinary and ugly women – in and out.  Now President Trump always had an eye for beauty, so much so that he owned the franchise of “Miss Universe” worldwide before.

In order to stop this insulting and harmful practice of loose women being “raped” by rich men from whom they can squeeze “blood money” when sex is a normal practice by them since possibly in their teenage years.  That’s America where freedom of expression and freedom of anything under the sun is exploited to the hilt.  It is kind of difficult to believe that their kind could still suffer from rape.

I can only accept such incidents as consensual.  It’s quite impossible to be other than that.  Just the mere entering a man’s room is already consensual.  A decent woman can practically smell like a dog a man out “for the kill.”  How easy it is to say no.  A decent woman would not go farther than a hotel lobby or restaurant on a dinner date.  How come it went further than the hotel lobby, restaurant, or party to a bedroom?  It is the fault of a loose woman entering a hotel room or any room for that matter with other men than their husband.  That alone speaks of a situation with full consent. 

For a woman to go that far is to get something, and with full consent. Harvey Weinstein is not exactly what they might call a “dashing” and “handsome” beast that could play the role of a Valentino who was famous for sweeping women “off the floor.”

Only women with ulterior motives would go with Weinstein to bed.  It is easy to say no. But all 400 said “yes” and consented.  What then do you call such women?  A bitch?  A prostitute? Or a wrestler?  I don’t know what to call them, frankly.  But if I were a member of the Jury, I’d absolve Weinstein.  Why?  Because those 400 women should have yelled “rape” when Weinstein was still strong and could dispute their allegations and defend himself.  And others too. As things are, they all waited for Harvey Weinstein to be old and sickly who could do nothing, not even to kill a fly; nor open the fly of his pants.  The 400 women really planned it well and waited all these years for Harvey Weinstein to be a “vegetable” who can’t get back at them but payout.  But they did not get anything, which is why they all ganged up on him.

There must be a law defining a prescription period to file a suit against anyone who allegedly “raped” them.  The delay alone frees Harvey Weinstein of any guilt.  Those 400 women forced Harvey to “rape” them would have been my decision, if I were a member of the Jury.  And if I were the Judge, I would commit all the 400 women to rehabilitation institution or a correctional or home for the aged.  After all, men can also be “raped” by women by forcing them.  But then, a playboy can never say “no” to such offers.  What can a man do when a woman leads them to temptation?

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